XOXO High School part 13

Lay: at the PROM NIGHT, can you be my date?? 
(Jamilla is surprised)
Sehun: Jamilla! 
D.O.: oh they are here! 
(Sehun, Xiumin, and Baekhyun are coming)
Sehun: Jamilla, I thought you’re going to your lockers?
Jamilla: yes, we’re about to but we saw them, so ..
Sehun: oh hi ..
Chanyeol: oh?? You guys are friends now??
Luhan: I know.. I hard to believe but yes
Chanyeol: but how??
D.O.: You know what it’s a very long story so .. better not to ask!
Chanyeol: aish! You!
Lay: Jami..
Jamilla: ah Lay .. I really appreciate your invitation, but .. I already have a date for the prom night
(Sehun is confused of what they’re talking about)
Lay: uhm.. okay, I understand .. so.. I think we have to go
Jamilla: Okay
Chanyeol: but wait, who’s going to be your date?
Jamilla: uhmmm.. (looking at Sehun)
Sehun: his date, it’s me (he put his arm around Jamilla’s shoulders)
Chanyeol: oh nothing hehe .. I’m just curious
Lay: c’mon Chanyeol, let’s go
Chanyeol: okay, bye guys, see you around
Lay: bye Jamilla, thank you
Jamilla: bye (smile)
(Lay and Chanyeol leave)
Jamilla: Let’s go? (to D.O. and Luhan)
Luhan: let’s go
Sehun: where are you going?
Jamilla: to the lockers
Sehun: wait! what is that?
Jamilla: huh?
Sehun: that guy!
Jamilla: oh that’s nothing, c’mon cous, D.O.
Sehun: okay let’s go
Jamilla: ??? just wait here
Sehun: no! we will go with you, there might be somebody else talk to you again!
D.O.: mmm.. I smell something!
Luhan: oh D.O. you’re thinking what I’m thinking? Ahaha ..
(while they are walking, Luhan and D.O. making fun of Sehun)
Luhan: wow cous! Imagine you already have a date and then there is somebody still asking you
D.O.: and it’s not just somebody else, it’s Lay! Oh my god!
(Sehun stopped walking)
Jamilla: oh why??
Sehun: go! Where just going to wait here!
Jamilla: okay!
(Jamilla, D.O. and Luhan continue walking)
Xiumin: oh Sehun! you’re jelous!
Sehun: of course not!
Baekhyun: ahaha .. it’s so obvious Sehun!
Xiumin: yes! you don’t know how to hide your feelings!
Sehun: ah seriously! That Lay!
Xiumin: Sehun! you want to bring back “the bullies”
Baekhyun: oh! No! no! I don’t want to ..if we did that, for sure we’re going to be kicked out from this school, remember they are the owner of this school
Sehun: aish! Stop it!
Luhan: ahaha he’s really jealous!
D.O.: yes! his face! He’s really mad! Haha
Jamilla: hey stop it! I know what you’re doing!
Luhan: cous isn’t it sweet?
Jamilla: actually he’s really cute, when jealous!
D.O.: see you also like it!
(they all laugh)
Sehun: why they are still not here!
Xiumin: calm down Sehun! if you want we can follow them
(while they are on their way to the ice cream house)
Jamilla: (to Sehun) why are so quiet??
Sehun: nothing!
Jamilla: oh you might be hungry ..
(they are now at the ice cream house and still Sehun is being quiet)
Jamilla: hey! Are you really okay??
Sehun: yes’ I’m okay
Xiumin: oh c’mon Sehun! (teasing Sehun)
Sehun: I’m fine!
Jamilla: okay!
(then Jamilla received a text message)
Jamilla: (smiling while reading the text message)
Luhan: who’s that cous? Why you’re smiling??
Jamilla: oh it’s nothing! (smile)
D.O.: oh c’mon, who’s that??
Sehun: (serious) who is that?
Jamilla: it’s really nothing, I just received a good news
Sehun: from who??
D.O.: oh you might tell us if it’s good news!
Jamilla: no! it’s a secret! (smile)
Luhan: og cous! It’s that what you’ve been telling me?/
Jamilla: ye…
(Sehun stood up and leave)
Jamilla: oh!
Xiumin: hey Sehun!
(Jamilla follow Sehun)
Jamilla: hey wait!
(Sehun continue walking)
Jamilla: hey! Sehun! hey are you doing the same thing that I did to you before? You’re making me run after you??
(Sehun still walking)
Jamilla: SEHUUUUN!
(Sehun keeps on walking but he noticed that Jamilla stop calling him)
Sehun: (turned back) Jami..
(She saw Jamilla just standing and look so annoyed)
Sehun: aish!
Jamilla: don’t you dare continue walking again! (going to Sehun)
Sehun: why?
Jamilla: Huh?? What question is that?
Sehun: why you’re keeping it a secret?
Jamilla: the text message?? Ahaha ..
Sehun: why are you laughing?
Jamilla: seriously because of that?? I’m sorry but I can’t tell you about that!
Sehun: is there something to do with that guy?
Jamilla: who? … Lay?? Hey are you being like this because of what happened earlier??
Sehun: yes! why is that guy asking you to be his date?/
Jamilla: I don’t know, hey are you jealous??
Sehun: no! why would I be jealous??
Jamilla: mmmm.. you’re being jealous! Mmm.. Sehun!
Sehun: yes! okay yes! I’m jealous! Because of that message! Who is that?
Jamilla: it stills the message?? I really can’t tell you
Sehun: But why??
Jamilla: you really want to know??
Sehun: yes!
Jamilla: it’s my mom, and she told me that .. (whispering) she already bought the undergarment’s that I ask her to buy for me!
(Sehun blushed)
Sehun: oh! .. hey wait and Luhan knows about that??
Jamilla: yes
Sehun: but why?? You’re letting him to know about such things like that?
Jamilla: why?? He’s my cousin and we always buying clothes together! Actually he always asked me to choose for his boxers!
Sehun: ahhh! Seriously!
Jamilla; it’s okay! don’t worry!
Sehun: aish!
Jamilla: hey don’t tell me you’re now being jealous of Luhan??
Sehun: hmmmmp..
Jamilla: You’re so cute! (touching Sehun’s cheeks)
Sehun: hey stop that!
Jamilla; don’t worry, I’m still going to be your date!
Sehun: really? Oh I feel like I don’t want to go to that prom anymore!
Jamilla: well, okay then I will call Lay now to ask him ..
Sehun: hey! I was just kidding!
Jamilla: ahaha .. I know!
Sehun: ahhh! Seriously I hate you!
Jamilla: you hate me?? Do you hate me?? Okay (acting that she’s going to leave)
Sehun: hey! (hugged Jamilla) …I’m so happy!
Jamilla: (smiling) you are making me happy!
Sehun: I really like you!
Jamilla: I know! Haha ..


Credit : Admin minjun

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