XOXO High School part 11

(Jamilla went to the said address) it was an old house ..
Jamilla: Sehun! Sehun! (entering the house)
(she saw Sehun tied on a chair)
Jamilla: (she run to Sehun) oh my god Sehun who did this to you? (Sehun is full of blood, he got beaten) c’mon speak up!
(somebody from the dark speak)
Jamilla: who are you??
(the guy came out from the dark)
Jamilla: KAI!
Kai: how are you Jamilla?
Jamilla: Kai, what is this?
Kai: you know what, i miss you!
Jamilla: Kai, why you did this to Sehun?
Kai: i also missed Luhan and D.O.
Jamilla: Kai! Why are you doing this, are you crazy?
Kai: yes! I am crazy! I’m crazy over you!
Jamilla: what are you saying Kai? Let Sehun go! ... (Sehun! Sehun!) why you did this to him!
Kai: (pull Jamilla’s hand) it’s because of you!
Jamilla: Let me go! What are you saying Kai!
Kai: don’t you get it! I like you!
Jamilla: what?
Kai: i really can’t forget that day, the day that you fight for me against this bastard (hit Sehun)
Jamilla: oh my god stop! (crying) stop hurting him!
Kai: that was the very first time that somebody fight for me, the first i feel that i have somebody to rely on!
Jamilla: he’s nothing to do with this Kai!
Kai: nothing? He’s nothing to do with this?? No! Of course he has!
Jamilla: stop this Kai! Please!
Kai: at first my target is really Suho, so lucky that guy, he’s now away from you! And then the unlucky guy was here! Sehun!
Jamilla: Kai i beg you, stop this! Please let us go!
Kai: NO! I can’t let you go!
Jamilla: stop this Kai! Please stop all of this! We are friends right?
Kai: yes we are friend and this bastard try to steal you from me!
Jamilla: Kai listen!
Kai: NO! This guy is taking you away from me! And most of all he had so much to pay!
Jamilla: Kai!
Sehun: Jamilla, don’t worry i’m okay!
Jamilla: (get near to Sehun) no you’re not! Stop talking! (she hugged Sehun)
Kai: wow! What is this huh? Is this a scene from a movie?? You guys have so much drama!
Sehun: (whispering to Jamilla) we’re going to be okay!
Kai: Stop that! (pulling Jamilla away from Sehun)
Jamilla: (slapped Kai’s face) Stop this!
Kai: you want me to stop this? Tell me that you like me! C’mon tell it to me!
Jamilla: you’re really crazy! (going back to Sehun and trying to remove the rope tied to Sehun)
Kai: Come here! (pulling Jamilla’s arm)
Jamilla: No! (pulling back her arms)but Kai hold her so tight!
Kai: (pushed Jamilla) go! Go to him! I will kill that bastard!
(Kai pull out a gun, and pointing it to Sehun)
Jamilla: oh my god no! (blocking Sehun from Kai)
Kai: seriously Jamilla! You’re doing that just for that guy!
Jamilla: yes!
Kai: why! Why you’re doing this! He’s a bad person! Now tell me why!
Jamilla: because he is my friend! And he is special to me!
Kai: aaaah! (scream) why are you doing this! C’mon Jamilla, go with me, let’s leave that Sehun, i will take care of you, i’m not going to hurt you, just go with me! And let us forget about this!
Jamilla: no! I will never go with a crazy person like you!
Kai: WHAT! If i can’t get you okay! If i can’t be happy! You also can’t be happy!
Jamilla: (kneel down) Kai please!
Kai: no! No!
(door opened)
Luhan: Kai!
(Luhan and D.O. came)
Kai: (he poited the gun to Sehun) Luhan! D.O.! how are you guys, i really missed you!
D.O.: kai stop this!
Kai: don’t you dare get near from me! Or else i’ll shoot you!
Luhan: oh my god Kai why are you acting like that! Stop this!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun are outside with then police men, the old house is now surrounded by the police)
Kai: it’s because of you! And you! All of you! You all thinking that i am weak! You all thinking that i can’t stand by myself!
Luhan: no that’s not true Kai!
Kai: shut up!
BANG! (gun shot)
AAAAHHHH! (they all screamed)
Jamilla: Kai!
(kai have been shot on his shoulder by the police placing on the roof, kai dropped his gun)
Jamilla: (kicked the gun away from Kai, and she hugged Kai) stop this Kai, you are not the Kai that i used to know! You’re not like this Kai.
(police are now coming to get Kai)
Jamilla: Sehun!
Luhan: cous!
D.O.: oh my god we have to bring him to the hospital!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun are coming)
Xiumin: Sehun!
Jamilla: guys help me untied him! Sehun!
Baekhyun: Sehun speak up!
Sehun: (trying to speak) guys, i’m okay ..
(Sehun is now at the emergency room)
Doctor came out!
Doctor: who is the relatives of the parient?
Xiumin: we are his friend , his mom is now on her way
Doctor: the patient is still unconscious, he’s bleeding so badly, but don’t worry we are doing are best!
Jamilla: please! Please save him!
Doctor: don’t worry the patient is going to be okay!
(doctor leave)
Jamilla: oh god please save Sehun
Luhan: cous! Sehun will be okay!
Xiumin: (hit the wall) if something happen to Sehun i will kill that guy!
Baekhyun: Xiumin calm down! Sehun won’t be happy to hear that
Jamilla: let us all pray for him
After a while
(Doctor came out)
Jamilla: (run to the doctor) how is he?
Doctor: the patient is now okay!
Jamilla: oh thank god!
Doctor; we just have to wait until he wake up, he still sleeping now because of the medicine that we gave to him.
Xiumin: thank god!
(They are now at the room of Sehun, waiting for Sehun to wake up)
Sehun: guys
Jamilla: oh Sehun! Are you okay??
Xiumin: Sehun!
Sehun: water
(Luhan get water and gave it to Jamilla)
Jamilla: here (helping Sehun)
Sehun: i am okay guys,
Baekhyun: oh thanks to god!
Sehun: (looked at Xiumin) hey are you crying?
Xiumin: (wipe his tears) no! No i’m not! Why would i cry!
D.O.: wooooh! You know what, he’s really crying! He cried a lot!
Xiumin: Hey!
Jamilla: are you really okay?
Sehun: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes? You need something? You want something??
Sehun: no, i .. remember what you did and what you said to Kai, is that true?
Jamilla: ah ... uhmm. (feeling awkward) i didn’t say anything! (cting that she really don’t know)
Sehun: is that true? That i am special to you??
Jamilla: ah .. i think you are okay now, so we can go .. let’s go cous!
(Jamilla turn his back to Sehun)
Sehun: Jami.. OUCH! Ah! It’s hurting! (holding his tummy, but he’s only acting)
Jamilla: oh my god where? Where it hurts? (really worried)
Sehun: ahaha .. you can’t leave right?
Jamilla: aaahhh! I hate you! You’re making a show again!
(they all laughed at Jamilla)
(they all stopped when somebody opened the door)

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Be A Seonnie ~

Hi~ Annyeong!! hihi.. today Sya penat sangat-ii sebab dari pagi sampai ke petang ada aktiviti.. huh. it's ok sebabnya petang tadi ada jamuan pengawas. hehe. makan nasi tomato.. AUMMM~ hihihi... yang dapat menghilangkan penat Sya pada malam ni ialah.. dengan secara rasminya Sya telah menjadi salah seorang daripada member myseonmul ... hihi..

Aumm~ my luhan :3 so.. gorgeous! 
Kalau anda hendak menjadi salah seorang ahli myseonmul... pergi sini untuk mendaftar diri anda.. Jika anda tidak tahu apa itu myseonmul.. just pergi sini untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih lanjut. ^^

Chanyeol Story written by Isabelle Seah

You and Chanyeol were childhood friends 
Years past , You went to the Same collage as him, even though your class is different from Chanyeol, you were still very close to him.
After school ..
Chanyeol: ___! 
You turned around and saw Chanyeol 
You: Chanyeol! 
Chanyeol: How was your day?
You: Fine 😊
Chanyeol: ahh I see
"Chanyeol -ahh! "
People you don't know started running to chanyeol
Chanyeol: meet my friends ! Suho, Xiumin, Kai, Luhan, Sehun, Tao, Lay, Kris, Baekhyun, Chen, D.O .
You: Hi! Nice to meet you 😊
Friends: Hi!
You: Chanyeolie , since you are hanging out with your friends , i shall not bother you...

Chanyeol: ____-ssi ..
You: it's fine , I know we are not that close anymore...
Chanyeol: who says so! We are childhood friends.
You: But I realize you have not been spending time with me anymore chanyeol..
Chanyeol: because I was busy , I promise from now onwards I will spend time with you okay?
You: chanyeol , just because I said that, you do it . It's not from the bottom of your heart to spend time with me..
Chanyeol hugged you*
Chanyeol: Be my girl ____
You: Chanyeol -ssi ...
Chanyeol: because you are only my childhood friend , Be my girl and I will spend my whole heart with you ____
You: Chanyeol .... I will be your girl
It was a new year in school. You woke up feeling so much better because you are still Chanyeol's girlfriend.
You reached school with your smile .
Suho: ____-ssi over here!
You went to where the boys were.
You: Annyeong! Where's Chanyeol?
Kris: He is talking to Kai 
You: Ohh , let's go in first shall we?
Boys: Okay
You felt really curious so you went to find Kai and Chanyeol
-- meanwhile chanyeol was talking to Kai --
Kai: did you tell ____ about you going to become a trainee in SM?
Chanyeol: I have not told her..
You: Trainee? SM? What is this Chanyeol?
Chanyeol: i might not be able to be a trainee , I just audition only .
You: But what if you really become a trainee in SM? I won't be able to see you for many years!
You ran away with tears rolling down your cheeks*
Chanyeol : _____ -ahh!!
It has been days , since you went to school . You were afraid if you go to school you might be able to see chanyeol and might cry again. But still you went to school.
Boys: ____ -ssi!!! You are back!
You: yea.. How is chanyeol?
Suho: chanyeol is fine .
You: did chanyeol get chosen to be a trainee in SM?
Kai: yes! We all did!!
You: you all audition too?
Kai: yes , we will be in the same group 😊
You: ahh I see.. , I will be going now Annyeong.
Boys: Annyeong ____ !
You thought : it's is chanyeol's dream to become a singer maybe I should just let him go...
When you were walking facing down the floor you suddenly hit someone*
You: mianhae!
Chanyeol: ____ ?
Chanyeol hugged you*
Chanyeol: ____ ! You know I missed you a lot!!!
You: really? , I heard from the boys that you all got chosen to enter SM .
Chanyeol: ____ -ssi ...
You: I'm fine with it Chanyeolie , I know it's your dream to become a singer.
You: let's break up chanyeol , we won't be seeing each other often too anyway...
Chanyeol: fine... But I will never forget you ____
Years past .... You lose contact with chanyeol .
Chanyeol's group with the boys is called EXO
You met a new friend called Minwoo
Minwoo: ____ -ssi ! 
You: yes?
Minwoo: I want to show you something , follow me
You: okay...
-- minwoo on his laptop --
It was EXO performing
You: why do you want to show me this?
Minwoo: don't you still have feelings for chanyeol?
You: why bother ask , he won't remember me anyway.
You left the room
You thought: will chanyeol care about me? Remember me? Who cares anyway...
Minwoo: ___ -ssi!!!!
You: what's the hurry minwoo?
Minwoo: hurry , we have to go to the hospital !
You: what happened?
Minwoo: chanyeol -chanyeol he he got into an accident
You: what! We have to go now! 
-- when you reached, you saw chanyeol's mother in tears and the EXO members about to cry. Suddenly tears dropped down your cheeks --
You: chanyeol....
Chanyeol's mother: ____ -ssi ... Cries*
You turned to the EXO members
EXO: ____ -ssi ..
You: what happens to chanyeol?!?
Doctor: He passed away...
You broke into tears and ran to chanyeol*
You: chanyeol -ahh chanyeol -ahh!! You can't leave me !
EXO manager went in and you turned around
Manager: Before Chanyeol died , he wrote a letter and said that if anything happens to him , I will past this to you.
You: thank you .
You went home and read the letter:
___ -ssi , By the time you read this you will not be seeing me anymore. I'm sorry for not being able to be with you. All this time I have minwoo to be my spy , I asked him to tell me everything about your daily life. I never forgotten about you , you are my only girl and my only one. Annyeong my love~
Your sweetheart,
You were crying really hard and never forgot about his death .
You: Saranghaeyo Chanyeolie ....

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XOXO High School part 10

D.O.:oh guys, didn’t I tell you before that Xiumin is my neighbor??
Jamilla & Luhan: WHAAAT??
D.O.: yes! he’s living next to this apartment! Oh wait!
(D.O. go outside, he’s hitting the door of Xiumin’s apartment)
D.O.: (keep on hitting the door) hey! Hey!
Xiumin: (open the door) hey! What! (angry)
D.O.: you guys are so loud!
Baekhyun: Xiumin is that D.O. again??
D.O.: yes it’s me! And you are so loud again!
Sehun: Xiumin what is that??
Jamilla: Sehun??
Sehun: oh!
Jamilla: are you guys now okay?
Sehun: ah .. ah.. yes! We’re okay now! I told you not to worry coz we’re going to be okay!
Xiumin: oh is that barbecue?? (trying to change the topic)
D.O.: yes why??
Jamilla: you guys want some??
Baekhyun: are you going to gave us??
Jamilla: sure!
(Luhan get the barbecue)
Luhan: here!
Sehun: ahh ... thank you!
Jamilla: (smile) oh how is your lips??
Sehun: it’s okay now
Baekhyun: here! You want some beer??
Jamilla: beer? You guys drinking?
Luhan: oh my that’s not allowed!
Baekhyun: yes! It’s not allowed .. in school!
Xiumin: and yes! This is my house so .. it is allowed!
Sehun: aaahh .. you want to join us??
D.O.: oh really?? (excited)
Luhan: is it okay with you? (to Xiumin)
Xiumin: of course!(smiling)
Luhan: cous??
Jamilla: okay!
(they are now eating and drinking together)
Baekhyun: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Baekhyun: can i ask something?
Jamilla: okay what is that?
Baekhyun: Suho?
Jamilla: (shocked) Suho??
Baekhyun: how is Suho? I mean did he really stop on courting you?
Jamilla: how did you know about that?
Xiumin: D.O. told us!
(Jamilla and Luhan looked at D.O., D.O. acting that he didn’t hear anything)
Jamilla: YOU! (to D.O.)
Luhan: oh my gosh D.O. even to them, you’re spreading news!
D.O.: it’s so boring here specially when you are living alone, so sometimes i talked to them.
Xiumin: no! Not sometime actually most of the time!
D.O.: Sssshhhh!
Jamilla: grrr .. (to D.O.)
Sehun: sorry for that Jamilla, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about that
Jamilla: no, it’s okay! Yes, Suho try to court me before but something happened
Xiumin: so it’s true that Suho already have his fiancé?
Luhan: oh D.O.! it’s seems like you already told them all the details!
D.O.: actually .. yes! (avoiding to have an eye contact with Jamilla)
Jamilla: ah seriously D.O.! okay it seems like you already know what really happened, yes it’s all true
Xiumin: woh? (to D.O.) i thought you are just making stories when you are telling us that!
D.O.: i told you!
Jamilla: hey D.O.!
D.O.: hehehe ..
Baekhyun: so how is he? (Suho)
Jamilla: actually we didn’t hear anything from them!
Baekhyun; aaah! Okay!
Luhan: but wait guys! Are you really now okay??
Jamilla: yes as i can see it seems like you didn’t have any conflict before
Sehun: uhmmm.. actually i want to say something ..
D.O.: oh my Sehun! Are you really going to tell?
Luhan: huhh?
Jamilla: what is that D.O.??
Sehun: what happened to the park it is ..
Xiumin: oh Sehun! Are you really going to tell them??
Sehun: it’s all planned!
Luhan and Jamilla: WHAAAT??
D.O.: ahhhh! I’m dead!
Sehun: i’m so sorry it’s just tha...
Xiumin: Sehun! I will explain it for you
(Jamilla, she don’t know how she’s going to react, if she will get mad or what)
Xiumin: we did that because he likes you!
Sehun: hey! Xiumin!
Luhan: aaahhhH! My god!
Jamilla: huhh? (blushing)
Sehun: sorry Jamilla, but yes that is true(shy) we did that to get your attention, i’m sorry!
Luhan: all of that is just a show?
Sehun; we’re sorry if we did that!
Luhan: and D.O. knows about this??
Xiumin: yes! Actually all of that is his idea!
Luhan: what??
(Jamilla is not reacting)
Luhan: oh my.. just to get my cousin’s attention, it’s okay with you to get punched??
Baekhyun: see! That’s how sincere our Sehun!
Luhan: wow!
(Jamilla stood up)
Sehun: oh Jamilla!
Luhan: cous!
Sehun: i am really sorry!
(Jamilla get her bag and leave)
Xiumin: oh!
Luhan: cous!
D.O.: wait!
Sehun: Jamilla!
(they all run after Jamilla)
Sehun: Stop guys! Let me okay??
(Jamilla kept on walking, and Sehun keep on following her)
Sehun: Jamilla, Stop! I can explain!
Jamilla: no!
Sehun: wait stop!
Jamilla: NO!
Sehun: Jamilla! PLEASE!
(when Jamilla heard that, she automatically stop)
Sehun: oh thank god you stopped! Look i’m really sorry for that! I will explain it to you .. i told D.O. that it was not a good idea, but he said it’s okay! I also told them that you might get hurt or get mad if we did that but again D.O. said that you’re not!
Jamilla: AAAHHH! (scream) that D.O.!
Sehun: i’m really sorry! It’s okay if you will get mad at me now!
Jamilla: no! I’m not mad! It’s just that .. (crying)
Sehun: oh stop crying!
Jamilla: it’s just that, i feel that i was so stupid that i didn’t realized or even noticed that! (still crying)
Sehun: ahahaha .. (Sehun hugged Jamilla) stop crying
D.O.: aaaah! What is that?
(Luhan, D.O., Xiumin and Baekhyun came)
Xiumin: wooohooo! Sehun!
(Sehun and Jamilla surprised, Jamilla pushed Sehun)
Baekhyun: ahaha! What is that? Are you guys hmmmmm ....
(Jamilla and Sehun feeling awkward)
Jamilla: You D.O.!! (hitting D.O. with her bag) all of this was your idea!!
D.O.: i’m sorry! Aaahhh! Ahaha ..
Jamilla: i hate it! You can say it to me in a normal way why you guys have so much drama!! (to Sehun) you! It’s really okay to do that in your face? And you (to Xiumin and Baekhyun) is it fun running after that security? Oh don’t tell me that security also know about this??
Baekhyun: ahaha .. of course not!
Xiumin: but it’s really fun running away from the security
Luhan: you guys really craszy! And you D.O. you must tell me this! So that i can also help!
Jamilla: COUS! .. aaahhh! I hate you all!
(they all laugh at Jamilla)
Sehun: again i’m sorry!
Jamilla: maybe you get my I.D. intentionally!!
Sehun: actually that’s where it all start
Jamilla: see!
Sehun: no! Listen! I was about to give your I.D. to D.O. but..
D.O.: but i saw at Sehun’s face that he had feelings for you so ..
Xiumin: and that’s it! He told us that idea!
Jamilla: you D.O.! you’re too much! I hate all of you! It’s you all against me!
Luhan: oh cous! Don’t include me! I’m not!
Jamilla: but you also want too!
(Jamilla startb walking)
Luhan: hey cous! Where are you going!
Jamilla: at the apartment! I want to eat my barbecue! (acting that she is mad)
(they all laugh)
Xiumin: (hold Sehun’s shoulder) she looks okay! (smile)
D.O.: i told you! My idea was great!
(they are now walking back to the apartment)
Luhan: i really hate you D.O.! you didn’t make me as an accomplish!
Baekhyun: nice one Sehun!
(they are now eating barbecue)
Xiumin: Jamilla are you okay now??
Jamilla: (still acting that she is mad) hmmmp. Don’t talk to me!
Baekhyun: it seems like we are all friends now!
Luhan: at first we all met in a bad way, but now look at us!
Xiumin: i think it was a good idea if we go out .. on a beach!
D.O.: wow! That’s awesome! I’m excited!
Xiumin: what do you think Sehun??
Sehun: yes that would be exciting!
Xiumin: you Jamilla??
Jamilla: i’m not going to join!
Luhan: ahaha oh c’mon cous!
Jamilla: hmmmpf!
(they all laughing at Jamilla)
In front of D.O. and Xiumin’s apartment
(Xiumin, Baekhyun, Sehun, and D.O. fixing their things at the back of baekhyun’s van)
Xiumin: are you sure guys that all that we need is already here?
Baekhyun: yes! I think!
Sehun: D.O. where is Luhan and Jamilla??
D.O.: i don’t know why they are not here!
Luhan; we’re here!
Baekhyun: faster guys!
Xiumin: oh Jamilla, i thought you’re not coming!
Sehun: hey! Stop bullying her! You’re being a bully again!
Luhan: oh Baekhyun, you didn’t tell us that you have a van!
Baekhyun: no, it’s not mine! I just borrow it from my brother!
Luhan: ah!
Xiumin: i think we’re all ready! So .. let’s go!
D.O. and Luhan: LET’S GO!

(they are now at the beach)
Luhan: wow!
D.O.: Let’s go Luhan!
Xiumin: hey let’s fix our things first!
Jamilla: that two is always like that!
Baekhyun: hey! Wait for me!( going to Luhan and D.O.)
Sehun: hey Baekhyun!
(Jamilla was about to walk)
Sehun: where are you going?
Jamilla; i will go to the rest room
Xiumin: oh are you going to wear your bathing suit now?
Jamilla: ha .. ha .. bathing suit your face!
Xiumin: guys c’mon! Let’s eat first!
(they are now eating)
Luhan: wow it’s delicious! Xiumin you really cook well!
Xiumin: thank you! I was living independent for almost 4 years so i really learned a lot being away from my mom!
D.O.: woooow! That’s impressive!
Luhan: noy like D.O.! he’s always depending on a delivery! Haha!
Sehun: oh wait guys, where is the beer? We forget it on the car??
Xiumin: oh i think!
Sehun: okay i will get it!
(Sehun is now getting the beer at the back of the van, whrn suddenly a car stopped at the back of Sehun, big guys get down from the car and get Sehun!
Sehun: GUYS!! HELP!
Xiumin: (run) Sehun!
Luhan: oh my god!
(they are all running to help Sehun)
Jamilla: Sehun!
(Sehun has been kidnapped)
Xiumin: Baekhyun what we’re going to do!
Jamilla: did you guys fight with somebody else? Who do you think will do this?
Baekhyun: i don’t have any idea!
Xiumin: me too! This is the first time that this happen!
Luhan; oh my gos this is insane!
D.O.: aaaahh! What we’re going to do now!
(Jamilla’s phone ringing)
Jamilla: (she put the phone loud speaker) hello!
Guy on the phone: if you want to see Sehun, you must go here! Jamilla only you! Don’t try to come here with somebody else! Or else Sehun would be over! I will text you the exact address! Again, don’t you dare come here with somebody! (call ended)
Jamilla: hello? Hello?? Oh my god! Who is that? And he knows me!
(text message)
Jamilla: he already text the address, what we’re going to do??
(Jamilla went to the said address) it was an old house ..
Jamilla: Sehun! Sehun! (entering the house)
(she saw Sehun tied on a chair)
Jamilla: (she run to Sehun) oh my god Sehun who did this to you? (Sehun is full of blood, he got beaten) c’mon speak up!
(somebody from the dark speak)

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XOXO High School part 9

(they continue walking and they reached the bus stop)
Jamilla: text us when you’re home okay?
Sehun: I told you stop worrying, I’m okay!
Jamilla: then okay! (smiling) let’s go ..
(Jamilla, Luhan and D.O. ride the bus and Sehun continue walking)
Xiumin: SEHUN!
(Xiumin and Baekyhun suddenly appear)
Xiumin: Sehun!
Baekhyun: how is it?
Xiumin: does it work?
Sehun: hey! You hit me so hard!
Xiumin: oh really? Haha ..
Baekhyun: how is she??
Xiumin: did she really believe?
Sehun: yes! she’s really worried and ….
Xiumin: and??
Sehun: I already told her what I really wanted to say!
Baekhyun: nice one Sehun!
Sehun: thanks to you guys
Xiumin: it’s nothing! We told you that we’re going to help right?
Baekhyun: you really like her huh!
Sehun: I don’t know why I’m feeling this way right now but .. yes, I like her!
Baekhyun: wooohoohoo! Our Sehun is now becoming a man!
Xiumin: Sehun. we’re sorry if we get mad at you at first, but now we really understand you .. and me and Baekhyun, okay we will try to stop being a bully
Sehun: really guys??
Baekhyun: yes! we will try ..
Sehun: that’s great! But.. seriously Xiumin you hit me really hard! It’s hurting right now!
Xiumin: ahaha .. it’s okay at least you get a chance to have a moment with Jamilla
Sehun: ahh I really want to go back to school! Aaahhh! This suspension!
Xiumin: it’s because of that Kai! If I see his face ..
Sehun: hey! Hey! You said that you’re going to change!
Baekhyun: you really had a bad temper Xiumin! haha
Xiumin; tsk! Okay! okay!
Sehun: haha .. let’s go guys!
Jamilla and Luhan’s room
Luhan: you know what cous! I was really surprised of Sehun! he really changed!
(Jamilla at her phone)
Luhan: cous! Cous!
Jamilla: oh yes!
Luhan: what can you say about Sehun??
Jamilla: huh? what do you mean??
Luhan: do you think that he really changed??
Jamilla : actually I am not surprised with that .. I already saw that .. I mean his good side, when I talked to him about my situation.
Luhan: oh my god that conversation between the two of you is really mysterious and confusing!
(Jamilla not listening to Luhan and keep on looking at her phone)
Luhan: Cous! Hey cous! Are you listening?
Jamilla: yes! I was listening
Luhan: are you sure??
Jamilla; actually I was worrying about him, he’s still not texting me if he’s home!
Luhan: oh my god cous! You really that worried?? Oh my cous! Don’t tell me you already like him?
Jamilla; oh my cous! You’re over reacting! i’m just worried because I think it’s because of me??
Luhan: huhh?
Jamilla: I think it’s because of me why did his friends are now mad at him
Luhan: you? Why?
Jamilla: Sehun said that after I talked to him, he said the he realized that he also want to change .. so what I am thinking is .. the root of all the things that is happening to them is because of me!
Luhan: are you serious with that cous?
Jamilla: why??
Luhan! Coz I think you are the one who is over reacting!
Jamilla: really?
Luhan!: yes cous! Stop thinking about that! Go to sleep! I’m sure he’s fine, if he’s got beaten again by his friends then go be a nurse for him again!
Jamilla: YOU! I hate you!
Luhan: ahaha .. Sssshhh! I’m sleeping!
Jamilla: (throw a pillow to Luhan) Sleeping!
(then Jamilla receive a text message)
Text message: I’m home, thank you!
Luhan: is that Sehun??
Jamilla: you’re sleeping right??
Luhan: ahaha .. is that him??
Jamilla: yes! he said that he’s home!
Luhan: so I bet you can go to sleep now??
Jamilla: you! Mr. Luhan!
Luhan: ahaha... you are acting like he is your son!
Jamilla: Shut up!
Luhan: okay! goodnight mother!
Jamilla: grrrr…
The next day
Jamilla: cous, we don’t have class today, you want to go out?
Luhan: why you want to go somewhere??
Jamilla: mmmmm .. nothing, but are we going to stay here at home for the whole day??
Luhan: actually that was kinda boring ..
Jamilla: yes! super!
Luhan: oh wait! I will call D.O.
(calling D.O.)
Luhan: hello , D.O.
D.O.: yes?
Luhan: what are you doing??
D.O.: I’m just here at the house and it’s soooo boring!
Luhan: ahaha .. oh my! just the same as here!
D.O.: are you guys going somewhere? Let me join you guys!
Luhan: Actually, that’s why we called you, we’re going to ask you if you’re going somewhere coz we’re going to come with you!
D.O.: ahaha .. oh why don’t you go here in my apartment??
Luhan: Sleepover??
D.O.: yeeees!
Luhan: oh that’s a great idea!
Jamilla: ask him if we could go there now!
Luhan: oh did you hear that??
D.O.: yes! you can go right now! Just don’t forget to bring some food!
Luhan: okay! we’re going to fix our thing right now! Bye!
(they are now outside of D.O.’s apartment)
Luhan: (on the phone) hello D.O., we’re now here at the front of your apartment, at what floor are you??
D.O.: at the rooftop!
Luhan: rooftop? Oh that was great! Okay bye!
(Jamilla and Luhan go upstairs)
Luhan: D.O. we’re here!
Jamilla: wow! This place is great!
D.O.: welcome to my nest!
Jamilla: D.O. I really love this place! It so cool!
D.O.: did you guys bring foods??
Luhan: we brought … barbecue!
D.O.: wow!
Jamilla: go, prepare the grill!
(it’s already dinner and they was about to eat .. when they hear some guys laughing)
Jamilla: oh my! Who’s that they are so loud!
Luhan: what kind of neighbor is that?
D.O.:oh guys, didn’t I tell you before that Xiumin is my neighbor??
Jamilla & Luhan: WHAAAT??
D.O.: yes! he’s living next to this apartment! Oh wait!
(D.O. go outside, he’s hitting the door of Xiumin’s apartment)
D.O.: (keep on hitting the door) hey! Hey!
Xiumin: (open the door) hey! What! (angry)
D.O.: you guys are so loud!
Baekhyun: Xiumin is that D.O. again??
D.O.: yes it’s me! And you are so loud again!
Sehun: Xiumin what is that??
Jamilla: Sehun??
Sehun: oh!


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XOXO High Scool part 8

At the park
D.O.: Jamilla go text her where exactly she is
Jamilla: okay!
(few minutes later)
Jamilla: she said “in front of the ice cream stand”
(they are now going to the ice cream stand)
D.O.: oh wait! Is that Sehun???
Luhan: where??
D.O.: there! In the front of ice cream stand!
Luhan: oh? Is he the one who’s we’re going to meet?
Jamilla: I think no, maybe he’s just there, maybe that girl .. the one who’s buying ice cream
(then they continue walking, they were surprised when the girl who’s buying ice cream left already, and the only person left there at the ice cream stand is Sehun)
Sehun: you’re here (smiling)
(Jamilla, D.O. and Luhan are surprised)
Sehun: here! (giving the I.D. to Jamilla)
Jamilla: uhhhmmm .. thank you! But how? How did it happen that you get this?
Luhan: oh cous! Maybe when you get bumped to him yesterday. Right Sehun?
Sehun: yes, you dropped it, I was about to give it to you but you already left, so I didn’t have a chance to gave it back to you
Jamilla: oh.. thank you so much!
Sehun: it’s nothing (smiling)
Jamilla: but where did you get my cellphone number??
Sehun: there! On your I.D.
Jamilla: oh! yes! ahaha .. (feeling shy)
D.O.: oh Sehun, I never thought you have a good side
Jamilla: hey D.O., don’t be like that
Sehun; it’s okay
D.O.: oh I’m sorry, I was just trying to joke
Luhan: where is Xiumin and Baekhyun??
Sehun: actually, I don’t know
D.O.: why??
Sehun: (just smiling)
(a moment of silence)
Sehun: oh you guys want some ice cream??
D.O.: you’re going to treat us??
Luhan: D.O.!
Sehun: sure!
D.O.: ahh Sehun you’re so kind!
Jamilla: he’s always like that!
(while they are buying ice cream, somebody holds Sehun’s shoulder, and when Sehun turn back ….)
PUNCHED! (Sehun fell down)
Luhan: oh my god!
Jamilla: oh are you okay?? (trying to help Sehun to get up)
Sehun: it’s okay
Xiumin: Sehun!
(Sehun is now standing, Xiumin grab Sehun’s collar)
Xiumin: what huh! Is this your new group? What you call this group “the weird”?? (he punched Sehun again)
Jamilla: Oh my god stop!
(Xiumin pushed Jamilla)
Jamilla: aah!
Sehun: Xiumin stop! (he pushed Xiumin) Stop this!
Baekhyun: Sehun! are you really going to throw our friendship??
Sehun: Baekhy….
(Ppprrrtttt!!! The park’s security is coming)
Xiumin: c’mon Baekhyun! (Xiumin run)
Security: hey you! STOP!
Xiumin: Baekhun let’s go! (baekhyun also run)
Jamilla: Sehun are you okay??
D.O.: oh my god! Blood!
Jamilla: what happened Sehun? why your friends doing this to you?
Sehun: no it’s nothing I’m okay!
Jamilla: no! you’re not okay, look your lips!
Luhan: Cous! We’re going to buy some medications for that!
Jamilla: go cous!
Sehun: no it’s okay! (trying to stop Luhan)
Luhan: D.O. let’s go!
D.O.: Oh my god!
(Luhan and D.O. leaving)
Jamilla: c’mon let’s sit over there
(they are now sitting on the bench)
Jamilla: here!(giving Sehun her handkerchief) wipe the blood on your lips)
Sehun: I’m fine
Jamilla: no! let me (Jamilla try to wipe Sehun’s lips)
Sehun: ouch!
Jamilla: See! You’re not okay!
(Sehun get the handkerchief from Jamilla)
Sehun: let me do it
Jamilla: okay
(moment of silence)
Jamilla; that was really surprising!
Sehun: I want to say sorry for that
Jamilla: why you’re saying sorry??
Sehun: Xiumin is really a hard headed!
Jamilla: why they did this to you??
Sehun: coz they’re thinking that I’m turning my back on them
Jamilla: (confused)
Sehun: Thank you!
Jamilla: (look at Sehun) what??
Sehun: I want to thank you
Jamilla: for what? For that handkerchief? It’s okay!
Sehun: no
Jamilla: huh?
Sehun: mmm… you know what .. after you talked to me .. I realized something
Jamilla: realized what??
Sehun: I realized that being a bully is such a stupid thing
Jamilla: are you serious with that?
Sehun: yes! after you told me your story, I’ve said to myself that, maybe if I do not stop being a bully, I can also be kick out from school like what happened to you before, and look at me now I’m suspended!
Jamilla: wow! Did I really make you realized that??
Sehun: believe it or not, what I’m saying is true, that’s why I want to thank you!
Jamilla: don’t tell me that was the reason why your friends did that to you!
Sehun: (shy) actually .. yes
Jamilla: oh my ..
Sehun: no! don’t think that it is because of you
(Luhan and D.O. are coming)
Luhan: cous! Here!
D.O.: Sehun! are you okay??
Sehun: thank you! It’s okay don’t worry!
(they was about to go home)
Jamilla: are you really okay??
Sehun: yes and stop worrying
D.O.: be careful on your way home
Luhan: yes, maybe your friends is just around and waiting for a chance to hit you again
D.O.: yes! they might hurt you again
Sehun: no! I’m sure they’re not (smiling)
Luhan: Okay!
Sehun: ahh … Jamilla, your handkerchief I’m going to return it to you but I’ll wash it first
Jamilla: no! it’s okay! you can keep it
(they continue walking and they reached the bus stop)
Jamilla: text us when you’re home okay?
Sehun: I told you stop worrying, I’m okay!
Jamilla: then okay! (smiling) let’s go ..
(Jamilla, Luhan and D.O. ride the bus and Sehun continue walking)
Xiumin: SEHUN!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun suddenly appear)


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XOXO High School part 7

Jamilla and Luhan running late
Jamilla: oh my god cous! Faster we’re late!
Luhan: it’s you’re fault cous! Last night it is so late and you keep on talking about Suho!
(Jamilla bumped with somebody)
Jamilla: UH! (she fell down on the floor)
Luhan: oh cous! Are you okay??
(helping Jamilla to stand)
Luhan: Oh Sehun!
(they are shocked when they noticed that the person that Jamilla bumped to .. is Sehun)
Jamilla: oh! I’m sorry!
Sehun: it’s okay, here (giving Jamilla the book that she drop)
Jamilla: thank you!
Sehun: next time be careful
(Jamilla and Luhan run again)
Sehun: (stepped on something) Oh!
(Sehun saw Jamillla”a I.D.)
Sehun: wait! (he was about to give it but Jamilla and Luhan are already gone)
At the room
D.O.: you two are almost late!
Luhan: oh my! Yah! And it’s because Jamilla
D.O.: Jamilla? Why?
Jamilla: (to Luhan) Ssshhh …
Luhan: (smiling) (to D.O.) I will tell you later
Prof. Kris: class, Prof. Tao is here
Prof. Tao: good morning, I have some news so.. as you noticed Mr. Kai is not attending class this past few days
Luhan: (to D.O. and Jamilla) oh yes! I texted him so many time cause I want to ask how is he doing but there is no response from him.
Prof. Tao: it’s because Mr. Kai is going to be transferred to other school
Jamilla: oh my god!
Prof. Tao: her aunt came to me early this morning to get his grades, Mr. Kai is now in the U.S. because of some family matter that’s why he leave immediately and her aunt said that Mr. Kai is going to continue his study there in the U.S.
Jamilla: we didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to him (sad)
D.O.: yes! that was so sad!
Prof. Tao: and another news! Ask you can see “the bullies” is not here, and it’s because they are suspended for a week
D.O.: oh sir why?
Prof. Tao: Mr. Kai’s aunt also told us what the bullies did to Mr. Kai. So our principal decided to give them a suspension.
Luhan: (to Jamilla) that’s why we saw Sehun at the gate leaving the school
Jamilla: ooh ..
D.O.: tsk! tsk! There is so many bad news right now! Our friend being transferred, students being suspended! Hayyy! So sad!
Prof. Tao: Okat class that’s all, I’m hoping that there in no other students who will get a suspension, I hope “the bullies” was the last okay?
Students: Okay Sir!
Prof. Tao: Okay Thank you! Thank you also Prof. Kris! Bye class!
At the canteen
(Jamilla, Luhan and D.O. are eating)
Luhan: I was worried about Kai
Jamilla: me too! I wish we could contact him
D.O.; Kai is really a nerd! He didn’t have even facebook account! How can we contact him!
Jamilla: oh my god cous! (she noticed that she’s not wearing her I.D.) where is my I.D.??
Luhan: I don’t know, maybe you left it at home
Jamilla: oh I’m not sure! (worried)
(Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol is coming)
Luhan: cous! Suho is coming!
Suho: hi Jamilla
Jamilla: oh hi!
D.O.: oh my god how was your date last night! I forgot to ask about it!
Suho: can we join you here?
Jamilla: okay!
Lay: I’m going to buy our food!
Suho: so how are you Jamilla?
D.O.: guys c’mon tell me what happened on your date!
Luhan: Ssshhh…
Jamilla: im okay, but we are worried about Kai
Chanyeol: oh we heard about that and also about “the bullies”
Suho: yes and that was sad
Luhan: yes! cause we didn’t had a chance to say goodbye
Suho! (somebady’s calling Suho)
Chanyeol: oh! Suho! It’s your brother Taemin!
(Suho was surprised)
Taemin: we need to talk Suho!
Suho: excuse us guys
(Suho and Taemin leave)
D.O.: chanyeol! Who’s that?
Chanyeol: that’s Taemin. Suho’s older brother
Lay: oh where is Suho?
Chanyeol: Lay! Taemin is here!(worried)
Lay: (shocked) really? Where did they go??
Chanyeol: I don’t know
(Lay leave, look so worried)
Jamilla: Chanyeol, is there anything wrong?
Chanyeol: uhmmm… I think I am not the one who’s gonna tell you about this
D.O.: I can see in your face that this was a very serious matter
Luhan: me too! The reaction of Suho and Lay that was confusing
(Jamilla is so confused and worried about Suho)
Chanyeol: aaahh let’s eat( trying to change the topic)
(they are eating quietly)
(Taemin is coming)
Chanyeol: oh Taemin! Where is Suho?
Taemin: (ignoring Chanyeol) can I talk to you?
Jamilla: me?
Taemin: yes
Jamilla: ah okay…
(Jamilla and Taemin go outside the canteen)
Taemin: hi I’m Taemin, I’m Suho’s brother
Jamilla: hi I’m Jamilla
Taemin: I heard that Suho is courting you
Jamilla: (Shy) yes, he is
Taemin: I am sorry to tell this but .. Suho is already engaged
Jamilla: (shocked) what??
Taemin: yes he already have a fiancé, but he don’t like to marry that girl, coz it was fix by the parents
Jamilla: a fixed marriage?
Taemin: yes my parents already fixed my brother’s marriage, and you know that Suho is a graduating student right??
Jamilla: Yes
Taemin: they are getting married after Suho graduate
Jamilla: (sad and look so pale) okay ..
Taemin: look! Im not trying to be the bad person here, but I’m telling you this because, I don’t want my brother and also you to get hurt when that time comes, what I’m asking you is …
(Taemin is not yet finish talking, Jamilla answered)
Jamilla: yes, I understand the situation
Taemin: I’m so sorry but .. I am doing this for your own sake and also for my brother, coz I don’t know what will happen I the two of you continue this ..
Jamilla: okay, it’s okay! and thank you for telling me this and I also want to say sorry
Taemin: no, I am the one who must say sorry
Jamilla: no, it’s okay
Taemin: thank you for your understanding!
Jamilla: but where is Suho? Is he okay??
Taemin: he left already, our dad wants to talk to him
Jamilla: I hope he is okay
Taemin: don’t worry he’ll be fine
Jamilla: again, I’m sorry!
Taemin: stop being sorry, it’s okay and thank you! So .. I’ll go ahead
Jamilla: okay
Taemin: goodbye and thank you!
(taemin leave)
Luhan: cous! (coming to Jamilla)
Chanyeol: Jamilla are you okay??
(Jamilla hugged Luhan and cried)
Jamilla: cous! (crying)
Luhan: it’s okay cous!
D.O.: Chanyeol already told us!
Chanyeol: I’m sorry Jamilla
Jamilla: it’s okay! I understand Suho’s situation.
Jamilla and Luhan’s room
(Jamilla looking from a far)
Luhan: cous! Are you okay?
Jamilla: (take a deep breath) hhaaay! Yes cous! (trying to smile)
Luhan: it’s okay cous!(patting Jamilla’s back)
Jamilla: of course, nobody want this to happened, I know that Suho really don’t want this to happened
Luhan: aren’t you mad of Suho??
Jamilla: no, his brother explained it to me, at least we knew about this before I fall for him.
(Luhan hugged his cousin)
Luhan: fighting cous! Let’s just forget about this! I know it’s hard but … fighting! (smile)
Jamilla: this day is full of sadness, first is Kai and now this! Haaay.. I hope tomorrow would be better than this!
Luhan: of course cous! Be positive!
English class
(not like the usual Luhan, D.O. and Jamilla are so quiet)
D.O.:(whispering to Luhan) you think your cousin is really okay?
Luhan: (whispering) I know that she’s not but, I know she can get through with this! She’s a fighter ..
Prof. Chen: okay class that’s all for today! Goodbye!
Jamilla: cous! I have to go to Prof. Tao’s office
D.O.: why?
Jamilla: I can’t find my I.D., I have to ask for a new one
Luhan: okay! let’s go
(they are wlaking and was about to leave the school)
Luhan: Oh D.O. we have an assignments so stop watching Super Junior!
(Jamilla laugh)
Luhan: I knew it, that’s what makes you laugh cous!
D.O.: I hate you both of you! You always making fun of me!
(they all laugh)
Suddenly Jamilla receive a text message
Text message: hi Ms. Jamilla, I found your I.D. yesterday and I want to return it.
Jamilla: oh cous! Somebody has found my I.D. look!
(she let Luhan and D.O. read the message)
D.O.: oh let’s go.. let’s see her or .. his .. or whatever!
Luhan: I think that was a girl!
Jamilla: okay I will reply
(Jamilla texting: thank you! Is it okay if we could meet at the park now??)
Luhan: thanks to that person! Even it was just a school I.D. she really want to return it.. such a kind person!
(receive a text message again)
Text message: Okay!
Jamilla: oh let’s go
Luhan and D.O.: okay!
At the park
D.O.: Jamilla go text her where exactly she is
Jamilla: okay!
(few minutes later)
Jamilla: she said “in front of the ice cream stand”
(they are now going to the ice cream stand)
D.O.: oh wait! Is that Sehun???
Luhan: where??
D.O.: there! In the front of ice cream stand!
Luhan: oh? Is he the one who’s we’re going to meet?
Jamilla: I think no, maybe he’s just there, maybe that girl .. the one who’s buying ice cream ..


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I Miss U

Hi... happy weekend... Mommy!!!! *sobsob* Sya rasa bosan sgt-ii... urggg... nk download running man.. LINE lembab... hhuhu 2 episode dah miss!!! Hate u! Urggghh... Serius... Sya nk luahkan dua tiga hari ni.. Sya asyik teringatkan Dia walopun Sya dah tak da pape ngn dia... *sobsob* Lagipun Sya jadi macam ni sebab Sya jeles dengan kengkawan yg ade psgn.. dan tunjukkan kemesraan diaorg depan Sya... T_T nyerr... bukannya Sya kemaruk sangt nk bercinta tapi Sya masih memegang prinsip Sya iaitu Belajar dahulu sebelum Bercinta ... Huhux... Tapi hati Sya pedih sgt-ii bile tengok diaorg happy... #Sorry noh kalau hampa terbaca entry ni... Sya bukan nya benci kan hampa tapi Sya cuma sedih ja.. melihat hampa happy dengan pasangan hampa..# 

Yg membuatkan Sya sedih lagi BFF Sya mcm dah jauh je dari Sya sejak abeh PMR. huhu.  Mungkin bila Sya dtg skolah dia tha dtg skolah.. bila Sya tha dtg skolah dia dtg skolah. itu menyebabkan Sya rasa kitaorg dah x rapat. But! Yang paling Sya rindu ialah... kawan-ii skolah rendah... huaaaa!! Diaorgla kawan yang paling BEST yang Sya pernah ada.. hehe. Iyela.. mana tak nyer.. kiteorg dah kawan sejak 6 tahun n darjah 1 sampai darjah 6... memang terlalu rapat... tak mcm kawan Sya masa Sya skolah menengah... mana tak nyer kiteorg kenal just 3 tahun utk mengenali diaorg.. rase mcm masih ada lagi sifat yg diaorg tak tunjuk lagi.. yg paling sakit hati tegur bdk-ii yg "NAkAL"... huhh.. Serius habak hampa.. Sakit Hati teramat sangat. rasa mcm nak baka aje moto depa tu... takde adab langsung... Sekarang ni Sya baru faham sifat Org Bandar, Org Kampung dan Org Banjar... huhhh... tak terkata Sya. hahax...

Ok berbalik kepada Entry Sya " I Miss U " ... Sya rindu kat sapa eak??? urghhh... Entahla... mungkin Sya rindu dengan KENANGAN MANIS Sya bersama friends Sya. hihix... Tidur dengan kwn-ii waktu ada kem, belajar sama-ii sampai sanggup pergi rumah mereka, balik rumah sampi pkol 5 setengah semata-mata nk online kat skolah dengan member. hehe.. [itu suma kenangan masa Skolah rendah..]
Masa sekolah menengah pula just masa kiteorg ada aktiviti sambutan hari guru, Sukan tahunan n majlis perpisahan pengetua.. just itu je yg tersemat dalam ingat Sya.

Sorry... Sya nk upload bnyak gambar... tpi error la... kalo nak tengok kenangan Sya bersama kwan-ii just click aje facebook  Sya..

XOXO High School part 6

Xiumin: Sehun! what’s your problem??
Baekhyun: are you now a good boy??
Sehun: aren’t you getting tired of what we’re doing?
Xiumin: what??
Sehun: of being a bully
Baekhyun: are you kidding Sehun??
Xiumin: are you serious??
Baekhyun: why are you being like this? Is that because of that girl??
Xiumin: what? Sehun! c’mon tell us!
Sehun: Yes!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun was surprised)
Baekhyun: oh. Ahaha .. oh my god Sehun!
Sehun: yes! it’s because of her! After she talked to me, I realized that .. we’re doing such a non sense thing
Xiumin: what?? Non sense? Are you saying now that we are non sense! Huh!
Baekhyun: Sehun! c’mon!
Sehun: sorry but I don’t to be like this anymore
Xiumin: (pushed Sehun) what? Sehun! are you quiting??
Sehun: yes!
Xiumin: (grab Sehun’s collar) why are you being like this huh!
(Baekhyun trying to stop Xiumin)
Baekhyun: guys! Stop it! We can talk about this on a nice way
Sehun: no! I don’t want to be a bully from now on
Xiumin: See! You’re throwing are friendship Sehun!
Sehun: no! of course not! You are my friends, it’s just that .. all I want for us .. is to change
Xiumin: you’re crazy! C’mon Baekhyun! Let’s go! Leave that loser alone!
(meanwhile Suho and Jamilla driving )
Suho: So.. ahh where did you want to eat?
Jamilla: uhhmmm… anywhere, you decide
Suho: okay!
(then Suho and Jamilla to the restaurant)
Waiter: good evening sir! Good evening ma’am! Here is the menu.
Jamilla: thank you
Suho: Jamilla, what you want ??
Jamilla: mmmm.. pasta?
Suho: (to the waiter) okay give us this (pointing to the menu) and also this.
Waiter:is that all sir?
Suho: is there anything you want Jamilla?
Jamilla: no! that’s it
Suho: okay
Waiter: okay sir thank you!
(they are now eating)
Suho: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Suho; how is ti? (referring to the food)
Jamilla: it’s good
Suho: (smiling) .. you know what.. the first time I saw you, I found you so pretty
Jamilla: (blushing) really??
Suho: yes! you are so pretty
Jamilla: Thank you! (shy)
Suho: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Suho: uhmm I … I want to know you more
Jamilla: ….. (speechless)
Suho: I want us to be more than friends
Jamilla: (talking to her mind .. more than friends?? Oh my god he’s so fast!)
Suho: Jamilla
Jamilla: oh! Uhmmmm…
Suho: I want to ask if I can court you?
Jamilla: (surprised)( she have no words to say but deep inside she really want to scream out loud)
Suho: Oh did I surprised you?? I’m sorry, am I being so fast? I’m sorry
Jamilla: ahh it’s okay..
Suho: ah .. I know it’s only our first time to go out on a date but I really like you
Jamilla: ahh (she really don’t know what to say) uhmm.. thank you!
Suho: so is it okay if I will continue this??
Jamilla: mmm… okay (feeling a bit awkward)
Suho: im so happy thank you Jamilla, oh go eat well
Jamilla: (smiling)
In front of Jamilla’s house
Jamilla: uhmmm.. thank you for tonight
Suho: it’s nothing.. so.. I’ll go ahead! See you at the school tomorrow!
Jamilla: okay! Be careful on driving!
Suho: thank you! Bye!
Jamilla ang Luhan’s room
(Jamilla open the door)
Luhan: oh cous! You’re here! How is it!(excited)
Jamilla: (jump on her bed & scream so loud) aaaahhhhh …
Luhan: oh my god cous! C’mon tell me!
Jamilla: he said that …
Luhan: that?? C’mon cous!
Jamilla: he want to court me!
Jamilla & Luhan: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
Luhan: oh my god cous!is that for real??
Jamilla: yes!
Luhan: oh my! D.O. will be so shocked if he will know about this!
Jamilla: aaaahhh.. im feeling crazy!
Jamilla and Luhan running late
Jamilla: oh my god cous! Faster we’re late!
Luhan: it’s you’re fault cous! Last night it is so late and you keep on talking about Suho!
(Jamilla bumped with somebody)
Jamilla: UH! (she fell down on the floor)
Luhan: oh cous! Are you okay??
(helping Jamilla to stand)
Luhan: Oh Sehun!
(they are shocked when they noticed that the person that Jamilla bumped to .. is Sehun)


Credit : Admin minjun

XOXO High School part 5

Sehun: she already say sorry!
Baekhyun: Sehun! don’t tell us you like that girl??
(Sehun stopped because of what he heard)
Xiumin: what? Is that true? You like her??
Sehun: ….. NO! .. let’s stop this! Let us just forget that!
(Sehun ride his skateboard and leave)
Xiumin: hey! Sehun!

At Sehun’s room
Sehun lying on his bed
At sehun’s mind it keeps on repeating what Baekhyun and Xiumin said ..
Baekhyun: Sehun! don’t tell us, you like that girl??
Xiumin: is that true? You like her?
Baekhyun: don’t tell us you like her?
Xiumin: you like her? 
(and it keeps on repeating oh his mind)
Sehun; AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ( Sehun scream so loud)
(his mom was shocked and run fast to his room)
Mom: (open the door) Sehun! son! What is that? Why you scream? Are you okay??
Sehun: (Sehun is surprised) ahh.. uhmm.. yes mom! i.. just.. I just saw a cockroach! 
(he’s making the cockroach as an excuse)
Mom: Oh son! You didn’t change! You are still afraid of cockroach!
(his mom closed the door)
Sehun: uuuhhhh! Oh god! Do I really like her?? No! no! this is not true!!
Monday morning
Jamilla and Luhan walking and wqs about to enter the gate of the school
Beep! Beep! (Suho riding his car)
Suho: (waving) hi Jamilla, hi Luhan, good morning!
Luhan: good morning!
Jamilla: uh.. hi .. good morning! ( her heart beating fast)
(then Suho continue driving entering the school, Jamilla and Luhan also enter the school , still walking on their way to their lockers.)
Luhan: mmmmm… cous! (teasing Jamilla)
Jamilla: what?? (smiling! Can’t hide she feels)
Luhan: yyiieeee … you can’t hide it! 
Jamilla: Ssshhh… D.O. is coming
D.O.: hi Jamilla, hi Luhan let’s go! 
(they went to the lockers)
(while they are in their lockers)
D.O.: Oh Luhan, did you have your assignment in Math??
Luhan: Yes
D.O.: what about you Jamilla??
Jamilla: yes! why?
Luhan: of course she have an assignment! Why you asking??
D.O.: can I copy? (shy)
Jamilla: tssk! Tsk!
Luhan: you don’t have yours?? Why??
D.O.: yes! it’s because of … Super Junior!
Jamilla & Luhan: SUPER JUNIOR???
D.O.: yes! I was busy watching their music videos last night, and I forget about the assignment! (sad)
Jamilla: you D.O.! maybe tomorrow you’re going to be a member of “the bullies”
D.O.: Oh my god Jamilla, you’re over reacting!
Luhan: here! (giving his notebook to D.O.) do it faster, you’re running out of time!
(When Jamilla closed her locker.. Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol suddenly appeared)
Suho: hi
Jamilla: oh! (shocked)
Chanyeol: haha.. she’s surprised, Suho
D.O.: oh it’s Suho!
Luhan: Ssshhh..
Lay: hello Jamilla! Suho!(asking Suho to speak)
Suho: aahhh ..
Lay: go tell her!
D.O.: oh my god! What is it?? (excited)
Chanyeol: (to D.O.) it’s Jamilla, not you!
D.O.: Hmmppff! I’m just asking!
Lay: go Suho!
Suho: aaahh .. I just wanna ask if …. If …
Chanyeol: Oh c’mon Suho! Jamilla what he want to say is if he could ask you out on a date!
Lay: hey! (shouting to Chanyeol)
Suho: you!(hitting Chanyeol)
Chanyeol; why? You acting so shy! That’s why I said it!
(D.O., Luhan specially Jamilla was shocked)
Luhan: oh my god!
D.O.: aaaahhhh (scream) is that true??
Chanyeol: (to D.O.) you are excited than Jamilla
D.O.: grrr…
(Jamilla feels like freezing)
Luhan: cous! Cous!
Jamilla: oh! What is it?? What is it again??
D.O.: he want to ask you out on a date! Ayyyiiieeee…
Chanyeol: Ssssshhhhh! (covering D.O.’s mouth)
D.O.: YOU!
Suho: yes, uhm.. I want to ask you if we could go out later??
Luhan: yyiiiee!
Jamilla: aah ….
D.O.: yes! yes! Jamilla say yes!
Jamilla: ssshhh .. uhmm.. okay (shy)
Lay: yes! haha (holding Suho’s shoulders)
Suho: really??
Jamilla: ahh yes!
Suho: thank you! Uhhhmm .. so I will wait you at the gate after class?
Jamilla: mm.. okay! 
D.O.: aahhh..
Luhan: cous! (smiling)
Jamilla: (mouthing words) quiet! (to D.O. & Luhan)
(the bell ring)
Suho: so see you later??
Jamilla: okay!
Suho: okay! So.. we have to go
D.O.: bye Suho! 
Chanyeol: ssshhhh!
(D.O. angry face)
Jamilla: bye!
Suho: see you later!
(Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol leave)
Luhan: oh my god cous!
(Jamilla open her locker and put her head inside and scream)
Luhan: ahahaha
D.O.: you didn’t tell me you like Suho (acting angry)
Jamilla: because you are so talkative! You might spread it to the world!
D.O.: hhhmmpp!
Luhan: c’mon we’re going to be late
(while walking going to their room)
Luhan: oh D.O. you didn’t have your assignment yet!
Jamilla: ahahah “super junior” I’m sure Prof. Kris would be mad at you!
D.O.: uhuhuhu .. I’m dead!
(they enter the room, Xiumin and Baekhyun looking at them, while Sehun looking down and so quiet)
D.O.: oh my god huhu ..
(Prof. Kris enter the room)
Prof. Kris: Good morning class!
Students: good morning sir!
Prof. Kris: okay get your assignment and pass it here
D.O.: Luhan! Huhuhu ..
Luhan: Sssshh .. just act normal!
Prof. Kris: (holding the papers) did everybody pass their assignment?? (looking at “the bullies”) let me see who did pass their assignment!
D.O.: Oh my god!
Prof. Kris: Oh! Wow! This is shocking! Sehun! you did your assignment?? Impressive! This is the first time!
(everybody was surprised specially Xiumin and Baekhyun)
Baekhyun: what??
Xiumin: Sehun! (angry)
(Sehun still quiet)
Prof. Kris: as ussual, Xiumin and Baekhyun didn’t make their assignment! Oh wait! .. D.O.??
(D.O. talking on his mind, “I wanna die! Please sir stop!”)
Prof. Kris: D.O.! …….. D.O.!
Luhan: D.O.! (hitting D.O.’s shoulder)
D.O.: yes sir!
Prof. Kris: where is your assignment??
D.O.: uhmmm.. sir ah …
Prof. Kris: what?? You also didn’t have your assignment??
D.O.: yes, sorry sir!
Prof. Kris: did, you and Sehun change places? Are you now a part of “the bullies”?? 
(students laughing, D.O. is so shy)
Jamilla: (whispering to D.O.) super junior! Ahahaha .,.
(Luhan laughing)
D.O.: grrrr ..
Prof. Kris: okay! Quiet! D.O. I’m warning you!
(D.O. look so pale)
(The class has ended)
Xiumin: Sehun! what’s your problem??
Baekhyun: are you now a good boy??
Sehun: aren’t you getting tired of what we’re doing?
Xiumin: what??
Sehun: of being a bully
Baekhyun: are you kidding Sehun??
Xiumin: are you serious??
Baekhyun: why are you being like this? Is that because of that girl??
At the gate
(Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol are waiting)
Chanyeol: oh they’re coming! Jamilla (shouting) Jamilla!
Jamilla: uhmm sorry if we keep you guys waiting
Suho: it’s okay!
Lay: I think it’s worth the wait (teasing Suho)
Suho: so .. let’s go??
Jamilla: okay
Luhan: go cous!
(Suho open the door of his car for Jamilla)
Jamilla: Thank you!
(Suho and Jamilla was about to leave)
Luhan: bye cous!
Lay: have a nice time!
D.O.: don’t forget to tell us tomorrow! (smiling)
Chanyeol: Ssshhh .. bye Suho! Bye Jamilla!
(then Jamilla and Suho leave)


Credit : Admin Minjun