XOXO High Scool part 14 *END

Jamilla; don’t worry, I’m still going to be your date!
Sehun: really? Oh I feel like I don’t want to go to that prom anymore!
Jamilla: well, okay then I will call Lay now to ask him ..
Sehun: hey! I was just kidding!
Jamilla: ahaha .. I know!
Sehun: ahhh! Seriously I hate you!
Jamilla: you hate me?? Do you hate me?? Okay (acting that she’s going to leave)
Sehun: hey! (hugged Jamilla) …I’m so happy!
Jamilla: (smiling) you are making me happy!
Sehun: I really like you!
Jamilla: I know! Haha ..
Jamilla: so.. let’s go back?
Sehun: let’s go!
(then they go back to the ice cream house)
Xiumin: are you guys now okay?
Jamilla: yes
Baekhyun: oh did Jamilla tell you what the text message is?
Sehun: Sssshhh!
(Jamilla laugh)
Luhan: oh cous! Did you really told him?
Jamilla: yes!
Luhan: oh my god! Ahaha
(Sehun is blushing again)
D.O.: oh what is that? Tell me!
Sehun: hey! Stop asking!
(Jamilla and Luhan laugh)
(then they continue eating and chatting)
The night before the prom
Jamilla and Luhan’s room
(they are preparing their clothes for the prom)
Jamilla: cous! Could you help me zip this dress?
Luhan: wait I still having a hard time with what I’m going to wear!
Jamilla: c’mon cous! It’s just a seconds!
(someone knocks on the door)
Mom: Jamilla?
Jamilla: yes mom? of mom can you help me with this? Can you zip it?
Mom: okay
Jamilla: oh it fits perfectly, isn’t it mom?
Mom: you look good in that dress
Jamilla: thanks mom!
Mom: Jamilla, Can I talk to you?
Jamilla: of course mom, what is it?
Mom: about your dad, he called me ..
Luhan: cous, auntie you want me to go out, so you can talk?
Mom: no it’s okay Luhan, you can stay ..
Luhan: okay auntie
Jamilla: mom how is dad? Is dad okay?
Mom: yes, your dad is fine , actually he’s been asking about you
Jamilla: I’m glad that dad is okay ..
Mom; Jamilla, he’s asking if you could visit him there in the US.
Jamilla: really mom?
Mom: yes, your dad said that she really missed you, it’s been so many years since the two of you saw each other, so is it okay with you?
Jamilla: of course mom. I also missed dad so much
Mom: your dad would be really happy if I tell him that you say yes
Jamilla: but when mom?
Mom: you can go this summer, since it’s your school vacation right?
Jamilla: okay mom! I’m excited for that but mom you thinks it’s okay with his new family that I will stay there for vacation?
Mom: yes, you’re dad said that your step brother and step sisters are excited to meet you
Jamilla: really mom?
Mom: yes he also said that it’s okay with his wife
Jamilla: well then that’s great mom
Mom: so that’s it, go continue preparing your things for tomorrow
Jamilla: okay mom!
Mom: goodnight, goodnight Luhan
Luhan: good night auntie!
Jamilla: good night mom!
(her mom leave)
Luhan: cous!
Jamilla: yes cous?
Luhan: I’m sad!
Jamilla: why? Are you still undecided of what you’re going to wear??
Luhan: no, not that?
Jamilla: what is it?
Luhan: I’m sad, because you’re going to leave this summer, in thought we’re going to spend our summer vacation together
Jamilla: doin’t be sad cous! I really want to spend my vacation here, but dad wants to see me so .. stop being sad ..
Luhan: I understand cous, but I can’t stop from being sad
Jamilla; oooh.. my cous!
Luhan: cous! I still have one thing to say ..
Jamilla: what is it?
Luhan: it’s nine!
Jamilla: nine???
Luhan:my foot size! It’s nine!
Jamilla: ahaha .. you!
Luhan: don’t forget to buy me a shoes okay?
Jamilla: of course!
Luhan: I love you cous!
Jamilla: so what you’re going to wear for tomorrow?
Luhan: I still don’t know yet!
Jamilla: okay let me help you ..
(Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Sehun arrived)
Sehun: go ahead guys, I’m going to wait for Jamilla
Xiumin: okay, we’re going to find a seats for us!
Sehun: okay!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun get in, D.O. is coming)
D.O.: Sehun! why are you here outside? Where’s Xiumin and Baekhyun??
Sehun: they’re already inside,
D.O.: okay
Sehun: go! I’m waiting for my date ..
D.O.: ooow, okay!
Luhan: D.O.!
D.O.: oh here they are!
Luhan: hi!
Jamilla: did we make you guys waiting?
Sehun: no it’s okay!
Luhan: where is the two guys?
Sehun: they’re inside
Luhan; ow! D.O. I think we also have to go inside
D.O.: okay!
(Jamilla and Sehun left outside)
Sehun: uhmmm.. you’re beautiful, you look good in that dress
Jamilla: I know! .. ahaha .. I’m just kidding
Sehun: no, you’re really beautiful
Jamilla: of course I have to be beautiful for my handsome date!
Sehun: really?
Jamilla: mmmm… yes, you’re really handsome!
(Sehun blushed)
Jamilla: let’s go, I think it’s already starting
Sehun: okay let’s go miss (he lend his arm for Jamilla to hold)
Jamilla: (she hold at Sehun’s arm) let’s go mister!
(they are already inside and having fun)
Baekhyun: guys, summer is coming!
D.O.: oh yes! did you guys have any plan?
Xiumin: why don’t we go to a summer vacation all together??
D.O.: wow! That’s a great idea, isn’t it Luhan??
(Luhan and Jamilla keeping quiet)
Luhan: uhmm .. yes I think it would be fun
Xiumin: you Sehun! what can you say?
Sehun: that’s great idea Xiumin, how about you Jamilla?
Jamilla: uhmmm..(looking at Luhan, she don’t know if she’s going to tell now about her plan for vacation)
Suddenly ..
Prof. Tao: hello! I need your attention guys! Thank you all for coming tonight, Are you guys having fun?
Students: yes!
Prof Tao: okay! now we are about t announce .. the king and the queen of the night!
(students are excited)
Prof. Tao: here is Prof. Chen to announce the King of the night .. Prof. Chen?
Prof. Chen: thank you Prof. Tao, okay! the king of the night is none other than (open the envelop) the king is .. Mr. Sehun, from section 2B!
D.O.: oh my god!
(Sehun was shocked)
Xiumin: ahaha nice one Sehun!
Baekhyun: woooh!
Jamilla: I told you, you look handsome tonight! Congratulations!
Prof.Tao: come here on stage Mr. Sehun
Prof. Chen: okay now! We’re going to announce the queen! Who would it be??
(girls screaming)
Luhan: cous! I think tit’s you!
Jamilla: no! I think no!
Prof. Chen; and the queen is Ms. …. It’s Ms. Taeyeon of section 2A!
D.O.: oh my god it’s supposed to be you Jamilla!
Jamilla: it’s okay, I really do not expect to win
D.O.: no! it’s still suppoed to be you! Because Sehun is the king!
Xiumin: yes! I agree it supposed to be you!
Jamilla: it’s okay guys
Prof. Chen: congratulation to our king and queen!
Prof. Tao: it’s time for our king and queen to have their first dance!
(Sehun and Taeyeon are now dancing in the middle)
Baekhyun: Jamilla aren’t you being jealous?
D.O.: yes! that girl! Aish!
Jamilla: no, it’s okay?
Luhan: really cous??
Jamilla: actually I really want to be his first dance but what can we do he crowned as a king
Xiumin: wait! I will ask Sehun to stop! (acting that he’s going to stand)
Jamilla: hey are you serious??
Xiumin: ahaha I was just kidding!
(they all laugh)
(Sehun is now done dancing to Taeyeon)
Sehun: (to Jamilla) may I have this dance miss? (lending his hand)
D.O.: ayyyii ..
Jamilla: yes of course (giving her hands)
(they are now dancing)
Sehun: I hope you were the queen
Jamilla: it’s okay if I didn’t win
Sehun: but I want you to be my first dance
Jamilla: actually I also want to, but it’s okay what important is we are now dancing and I hope that I’m your last
Sehun: of course miss beautiful ..
The prom is done
(they are now sitting on the bench outside)
Xiumin: Baekhyun let’s go buy something to drink
Baekhyun; oh D.O. you want to come with us?
D.O.: no I’m okay here, just buy me something!
Baekhyun: no you have to go!
D.O.: no I’m tired!
Luhan: (already get what Xiumin and Baekhyun trying to do)c’mon D.O. let’s join them!
(Sehun talked to Xiumin and Baekhyun to do something to make him and Jamilla left there)
Luhan: oh cous you want something?
Jamilla: can I also come?
Xiumin: no! just wait there, you’re wearing heels right? It’s going to be hard for you if you walk!
Jamilla: ah yes
Luhan: I’m going to buy you an orange juice
Xiumin: Sehun, take care of Jamilla okay?
Jamilla: aish! My feet hurts!
Sehun: uhhmmm .. Jamilla?
Jamilla: yes?
Sehun: oh it’s nothing (he really don’t know what he’s going to say)
Jamilla: why they are still not here?
Sehun: The first time that we met,
Jamilla: huh?
Sehun: the first time that we met, that’s really not good! Actually the first time that we met you kicked me! But look at us know! It’s really funny, who would have thought we’re going to be like this, my friends, your cousin, D.O., you and me, we’re all so close now!
Jamilla: yes it was really hard to believe?
Sehun: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Sehun: I have something to ask
Jamilla: go ahead
Sehun: you already know that I like you right?
(Jamilla’s heart beating fast)
Sehun: I want to ask you if I can court you now? I mean this time I want to be more serious and sincere
(Jamilla is blushing but she really don’t know what to say)
Sehun: Jamilla are you okay? oh did I surprised you? It’s okay if you’re going to say no, I know of what happened to you and Suho is just recently, I will understand if you still not yet ready
Jamilla: no, not that actually I can’t answer your question now
Sehun: why?
Jamilla: b’coz I’m going to leave
Sehun: leave? Where?
Jamilla: uhmm .. my mom talked to me last night, she said that my dad want to see me, so .. I’m going to spend my summer vacation with my dad, there in the US
Sehun: (felt sad) oh really?
Jamilla: yes, so
Sehun: it’s okay, I understand ..
Jamilla: (she knows that Sehun is really sad) can you wait for me?
Sehun: I will Jamilla!
Jamilla: you promise?
Sehun: yes, I promise
(then suddenly Jamilla received a text message from Luhan)
Text message: cous, I’m already home, i want you and Sehun to have time together
Jamilla: they’re already went home? Oh Sehun! don’t tell me you planned it all again??
Sehun: actually yes ..
Jamilla: Sehun, I hope you really understand
Sehun: it’s okay, I understand, but you promise me that when you come back that ..
Jamilla: Sssshh! Yes! I promise!
(they are now walking)
Sehun: is it really okay with your mom to see me sending you home?
Jamilla: of course,
Sehun: actually I’m getting nervous
Jamilla: it’s okay she won’t get mad, we’re here
Sehun: oh this is your house
Jamilla: yes
(Jamilla knocked on the door)
Jamilla: mom!
(her mom opened the door)
Sehun: good evening ma’am
Jamilla: oh mom, this is Sehun
Mom: nice to meet you Sehun
Sehun: nice to meet you ma’am
Mom: c’mon come in
Sehun: no ma’am it’s okay, I just send her home
Jamilla: are you sure you don’t want to come in?
Sehun: yes’ it’s okay it’s also getting late
Jamilla: okay
Mom: I hope that next time we can have a chance to know each other Sehun
Sehun: sure ma’am,… I will go now
Jamilla: okay thank you
Mom: be careful on your way home
Sehun: thank you ma’am
Jamilla: text me when you’re home
Sehun: okay .. bye ..
(Sehun left)
Mom; he look so kind
Jamilla: really mom?
Luhan and Jamilla’s room
Jamilla: (opened the door) cous! I’m here!
Luhan: oh cous! How is it? Did Sehun ask you??
Jamilla: cous! You are now also one of Sehun’s accomplish
Luhan: ahaha .. so how is it tell me ??
Jamilla: yes, he asked me!
Luhan: and then?
Jamilla: I told him that I have to leave this summer, it’s okay with him actually he said that .. he’s going to wait
Luhan: aaaaaah! Oh my … so you’re going to be official when you comeback?
Jamilla: mmmmm… yes!
Luhan: aaaaah!
(Today, it’s Jamilla’s flight to US)
At the airport
Mom: Jamilla: you take care okay?
Jamilla: yes mom!
Luhan: I will miss you cous!
Xiumin: have a safe trip!
D.O.: Jamilla don’t forget to buy me something when you’re going back okay??
Jamilla: ahaha okay!
Baekhyun: aish! D.O.! take care Jamilla
Xiumin: hey Sehun, you’re not going to say something?
Sehun: Jamilla, I going to miss you!
Jamilla: me too, wait for me okay?
Sehun; I will
Jamilla: so bye for now, bye guys, bye mom!
Sehun: bye Jamilla!
After two months
Class resume
(Sehun, Baekhyun and Xiumin came to school early)
Xiumin: you’re really excited Sehun
Sehun: this is the day that I’ve been waiting for!
Baekhyun: ah! This is exciting!
(Luhan and D.O. came)
Sehun: oh Luhan!
Baekhyun: you’re here guys
Xiumin: but ..
Sehun: Luhan .. where is Jamilla??
Luhan: uhmmm Sehun, something happened
Sehun: (stoop up) what? What is it?
Luhan: she called last night, and she told that she’s not coming back back, she’s going to stay there for good, and she just asked me to say sorry to you!
Sehun: hey! Are you serious with that??
D.O. yes Sehun it’s true, actually even her mom didn’t expect that
SehunL no! that’s not true!
Luhan: I’m sorry Sehun, but it’s true
Sehun: her cellphone number there in the US can you give it to me?
Luhan: I only have their phone number at home
Sehun: give it to me!
Luhan: here
(Sehun run out of the room)
Prof. Kris: hey Mr. Sehun! where are you going? We’re going to start!
Sehun: I will be back sir!
(Sehun run out of the school to look for a pay phone he’s near to reach the gate, but he stop ..)
(he saw Jamilla standing at the gate and smiling)
Jamilla: you missed me??
(Sehun really don’t know what he’s going to feel)
(He run to Jamilla and hugged)
Jamilla: (laughing) see! That’s what I feel when you put up a show on me!
Sehun: so you’re just making a revenge?
Jamilla: hahaha .. I really missed you!
Sehun: I’m so happy that you’re already here! .. so .. we are now ..
Jamilla: ssshh! Listen! (raise her right hand) I, Jamilla, making a promise, here in front of the XOXO HIGH, that I will be always stay at Mr. Sehun’s side and would not going to leave again, coz I know he’s going to be sad!
(Sehun kissed Jamilla0
Jamilla: oh my ,, what did you do? We’re at the school!
Sehun: ahaha .. I can’t control it!
Jamilla: aish you!
Sehun: SShhhh! Quiet! Listen to me.. I, Sehun, witnessed by the whole XOXO HIGH promise that, I will always be good, kind, sincere, and faithful to this girl in front of me, Ms. Jamilla! I also promise that I will always make her happy and be sweet to her all the time
Jamilla: really??
(Sehun looked around and kissed Jamilla again)

Jamilla: oh my god! You!
Sehun: I love you!
Jamilla: I know that, and I love you too!
Sehun: you know what?
Jamilla: what?
Sehun: I have to thank the XOXO HIGH
Jamilla: huh??
Sehun: it’s because, because of this school i’ve met you
Jamilla: so I also have to thank XOXO HIGH??
Sehun: of course! Coz you get a chance to meet me!
Jamilla: ah! Seriously??
(Sehun hugged Jamilla)
Jamilla: so .. let’s go?? We are late!
Sehun: okay let’s go!
(they are now walking holding hands)


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