XOXO High School part 12

Sehun: is that true? That i am special to you??
Jamilla: ah .. i think you are okay now, so we can go .. let’s go cous!
(Jamilla turn his back to Sehun)
Sehun: Jami.. OUCH! Ah! It’s hurting! (holding his tummy, but he’s only acting)
Jamilla: oh my god where? Where it hurts? (really worried)
Sehun: ahaha .. you can’t leave right?
Jamilla: aaahhh! I hate you! You’re making a show again!
(they all laughed at Jamilla)
(they all stopped when somebody opened the door)
Sehun: Mom!
Mom: Sehun! What happened to you??
Sehun: mom, i’m okay don’t worry
Mom: oh my Sehun! Does it hurts??
Sehun: mom! Stop it i’m not a kid anymore!
Mom: hey!
Xiumin: auntie, we’re really sorry
Mom: tsk! All of this happened because the three of you (pointing Xiumin, Baekhyun, and Sehun) all of you are hard headed! I told you before to stop being a bastard! All of you are so childish!
Jamilla: ma’am, we’re really sorry of what happened to Sehun, i actua ...
Mom: oh! So you might be Jamilla?
Jamilla: yes ma’am
Mom: wow! You’re so beautiful! (looked at Sehun) oh son! You chose a very good one
Sehun: (trying to stop her mom) MOM!
Mom: you’re really a pretty girl
Jamilla: aaah .. (shy) thank you ma’am
Mom:oh stop calling me ma’am, call me auntie, you know what my Sehun told me so many things about you!
Sehun: ah! Mom stop!
Baekhyun: ahaha .. this is great Sehun!
Jamilla: i’m glad to meet you auntie
Mom: me too, i’m really glad that i finally meet you!
Jamilla: oh by the way auntie this is my cousin, Luhan
Luhan: hello auntie!
Mom: Luhan!
Jamilla: and this is D.O.
D.O.: hi auntie! (energetic)
Mom: oh hi D.O., are you guys belongs to one section?
Jamilla: yes auntie
Mom: wow it seems like all the students in your section are all good looking!
D.O.: oh! That is so true auntie!
(they all laugh)
After a week, they are now going back to school
(at the room 2B, Luhan, Jamilla and D.O. are already there)
D.O.: Jamilla, is Sehun really going back to school now?
Jamilla: yes, He texted me last night, but, i don’t know why they’re not here yet, the bell is going to ring!
Luhan: oh they’re already here!
Jamilla: oh Sehun!
Sehun: hi (he is now recovered but he still have a small bandage on the left side of his forehead)
(bell ring)
Baekhyun: oh that was close! I thought we’re going to be late!
(Prof. Kris came)
Prof. Kris: okay class you all sit down... goodmorning!
Students: goodmorning sir!
Prof. Kris: Mr. Sehun, you’re here! Welcome back, we’ve heard of what happened to you, i’m glad that you are really okay now!
Sehun: thank you sir!
Prof. Kris: okay! So let us proceed, the last time, i told you to write an essay about anything, anything, just to write an essay using English language, we all know that this is not related to our lesson, but what else can we do, it’s an order from the school director, because what he want is, for us to be good in speaking English, Mr. Chen is the one who supposed to do this but he’s on a leave now, so i have no choice!
Boy 1: oh thanks to Professor Chen, because of this we don’t have math for today! (spreading his arms)
(students laughing)
Prof. Kris: ssshh.. quiet! Okay, so i’m hoping that everybody have their essays, wait Sehun, did you’re friends told you about this?
Sehun: yes sir!
Prof. Kris: that’s great, so let me see ..
Sehun: here sir! (gave his paper)
Prof. Kris: Mr. Sehun wrote an essay about .. inspiration
Xiumin: (whispering to Sehun) wooo.. you’re really inspired Sehun!
Sehun: ssshhh..
Prof. Kris: next is.. Luhan
(Luhan passed his paper)
Prof. Kris: Mr. Luhan wrote something about .. second chances, wow this is interesting. Next Mr. Xiumin
(Xiumin passed his paper)
Prof. Kris: Mr. Xiumin, first i would like to thank you and Mr. Baekhyun, coz you are now being a good student, you guys really changed, so you wrote about ..friendship, Mr. Baekhyun you’re next ..
(Beakhyun gave his paper)
Prof. Kris: Mr Baekhyun wrote about .. his best friends! Next is Ms. Jamilla,
(Jamilla passed her paper)
Prof. Kris: wow! Ms. Jamilla wrote about love, it seems like Ms. Jamilla is inlove!
(students teasing Jamilla)
(Jamilla is blushing)
Prof. Kris: okay next is D.O., oh wait D.O. did you have yours?
D.O.: of course, i am prepared sir! Here! (giving his paper)
Prof. Kris: so you wrote about .. (he got confused when he read the title) SUPER JUNIOR???
Jamilla: ahaha ..
Luhan: seriously D.O., superjunior?? Hahaha ..
(students are all laughing)
D.O.: why?? Sir you told us we can write anything we like!
Prof. Kris: Okay!
(somebody knocked on the door)
Prof. Tao: excuse me Prof. Kris
(Prof. Tao came in, he pinnes something on the board)
(students screamed)
D.O.: oh my i’m really waiting for that!
Luhan: wow! That’s exciting!
Prof. Tao: okay class, quiet! As you can see, it’s the night that all of you have been waiting for .. PROM NIGHT!
(students screamed)
Prof. Tao: it seems that everybody is excited! So who’s going to be the king and queen for this year? That’s a big question!
(girls screaming)
Prof. Tao: for the complete details of the PROM NIGHT, go take a look at the bulletin board later after your class okay!
Girl 1: aaah! I really can’t wait!
Girl 2: me too! Aaahh!
Prof. Tao: Ssshhh.. okay that’s all, thank you!
(they are now going to look at the bulletin board)
D.O.: oh my it’s on Sunday!
Sehun: uhmm.. Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Sehun: would you be my date on Sunday?
Luhan: (teasing Jamilla) Cous!
Jamilla: okay! (smiling)
Baekhyun: nice! Nice! Nice! Sehun!
Xiumin: so it looks like the four of us going to be alone for that night!
Baekhyun: aah! Seriously,k i really don’t know why this school have so much boys than girls!
Xiumin: it’s going to be the same as last year for the two of us, but look at Sehun.. he’s now have his date!
Sehun: hey! Stop it! C’mon guys!
Baekhyun: ahaha .. look Sehun is blushing!
Sehun: Jamilla, we’re just going to our lockers
Jamilla; okay!
Sehun: we’ll be back
(they are all now going to their lockers)
(while they are walking)
Jamilla .. Jamilla .. somebody’s calling
D.O.: oh it’s Lay! And Chanyeol!
Lay: oh hi guys, long time no see!
Luhan: hello
D.O.: where is Suho?
(nobody’s talking)
Jamilla: is he okay??
Chanyeol: actually he’s now in Japan
Luhan: Japan??
Chanyeol: yes, his fiancé lives in Japan, the parents of his fiancé is a business partner of his family in Japan!
Jamilla: ah .. i hope he’s okay
Chanyeol: i think he’s okay, well i hope
Jamilla: so how are you guys?
Lay: we are now missing Suho, but we’re okay, how about you guys?
Chanyeol: oh we heard of what happened with you guys and also to the bullies, are you really okay now?
Jamilla: yes we’re okay, let’s just not talk about that, and just forget about that.
Chanyeol: okay ..
Lay: where you guys going?
Jamilla: we’re just going to our lockers
Lay: aah ..
Jamilla: so .. we have to go
Lay: wait, Jamilla, i actually want to ask you something ..
Jamilla: what is it?
Lay: at the PROM NIGHT, can you be my date??
(Jamilla is surprised)
Sehun: Jamilla!
D.O.: oh they are here!
(Sehun, Xiumin, and Baekhyun are coming)

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