XOXO High School part 11

(Jamilla went to the said address) it was an old house ..
Jamilla: Sehun! Sehun! (entering the house)
(she saw Sehun tied on a chair)
Jamilla: (she run to Sehun) oh my god Sehun who did this to you? (Sehun is full of blood, he got beaten) c’mon speak up!
(somebody from the dark speak)
Jamilla: who are you??
(the guy came out from the dark)
Jamilla: KAI!
Kai: how are you Jamilla?
Jamilla: Kai, what is this?
Kai: you know what, i miss you!
Jamilla: Kai, why you did this to Sehun?
Kai: i also missed Luhan and D.O.
Jamilla: Kai! Why are you doing this, are you crazy?
Kai: yes! I am crazy! I’m crazy over you!
Jamilla: what are you saying Kai? Let Sehun go! ... (Sehun! Sehun!) why you did this to him!
Kai: (pull Jamilla’s hand) it’s because of you!
Jamilla: Let me go! What are you saying Kai!
Kai: don’t you get it! I like you!
Jamilla: what?
Kai: i really can’t forget that day, the day that you fight for me against this bastard (hit Sehun)
Jamilla: oh my god stop! (crying) stop hurting him!
Kai: that was the very first time that somebody fight for me, the first i feel that i have somebody to rely on!
Jamilla: he’s nothing to do with this Kai!
Kai: nothing? He’s nothing to do with this?? No! Of course he has!
Jamilla: stop this Kai! Please!
Kai: at first my target is really Suho, so lucky that guy, he’s now away from you! And then the unlucky guy was here! Sehun!
Jamilla: Kai i beg you, stop this! Please let us go!
Kai: NO! I can’t let you go!
Jamilla: stop this Kai! Please stop all of this! We are friends right?
Kai: yes we are friend and this bastard try to steal you from me!
Jamilla: Kai listen!
Kai: NO! This guy is taking you away from me! And most of all he had so much to pay!
Jamilla: Kai!
Sehun: Jamilla, don’t worry i’m okay!
Jamilla: (get near to Sehun) no you’re not! Stop talking! (she hugged Sehun)
Kai: wow! What is this huh? Is this a scene from a movie?? You guys have so much drama!
Sehun: (whispering to Jamilla) we’re going to be okay!
Kai: Stop that! (pulling Jamilla away from Sehun)
Jamilla: (slapped Kai’s face) Stop this!
Kai: you want me to stop this? Tell me that you like me! C’mon tell it to me!
Jamilla: you’re really crazy! (going back to Sehun and trying to remove the rope tied to Sehun)
Kai: Come here! (pulling Jamilla’s arm)
Jamilla: No! (pulling back her arms)but Kai hold her so tight!
Kai: (pushed Jamilla) go! Go to him! I will kill that bastard!
(Kai pull out a gun, and pointing it to Sehun)
Jamilla: oh my god no! (blocking Sehun from Kai)
Kai: seriously Jamilla! You’re doing that just for that guy!
Jamilla: yes!
Kai: why! Why you’re doing this! He’s a bad person! Now tell me why!
Jamilla: because he is my friend! And he is special to me!
Kai: aaaah! (scream) why are you doing this! C’mon Jamilla, go with me, let’s leave that Sehun, i will take care of you, i’m not going to hurt you, just go with me! And let us forget about this!
Jamilla: no! I will never go with a crazy person like you!
Kai: WHAT! If i can’t get you okay! If i can’t be happy! You also can’t be happy!
Jamilla: (kneel down) Kai please!
Kai: no! No!
(door opened)
Luhan: Kai!
(Luhan and D.O. came)
Kai: (he poited the gun to Sehun) Luhan! D.O.! how are you guys, i really missed you!
D.O.: kai stop this!
Kai: don’t you dare get near from me! Or else i’ll shoot you!
Luhan: oh my god Kai why are you acting like that! Stop this!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun are outside with then police men, the old house is now surrounded by the police)
Kai: it’s because of you! And you! All of you! You all thinking that i am weak! You all thinking that i can’t stand by myself!
Luhan: no that’s not true Kai!
Kai: shut up!
BANG! (gun shot)
AAAAHHHH! (they all screamed)
Jamilla: Kai!
(kai have been shot on his shoulder by the police placing on the roof, kai dropped his gun)
Jamilla: (kicked the gun away from Kai, and she hugged Kai) stop this Kai, you are not the Kai that i used to know! You’re not like this Kai.
(police are now coming to get Kai)
Jamilla: Sehun!
Luhan: cous!
D.O.: oh my god we have to bring him to the hospital!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun are coming)
Xiumin: Sehun!
Jamilla: guys help me untied him! Sehun!
Baekhyun: Sehun speak up!
Sehun: (trying to speak) guys, i’m okay ..
(Sehun is now at the emergency room)
Doctor came out!
Doctor: who is the relatives of the parient?
Xiumin: we are his friend , his mom is now on her way
Doctor: the patient is still unconscious, he’s bleeding so badly, but don’t worry we are doing are best!
Jamilla: please! Please save him!
Doctor: don’t worry the patient is going to be okay!
(doctor leave)
Jamilla: oh god please save Sehun
Luhan: cous! Sehun will be okay!
Xiumin: (hit the wall) if something happen to Sehun i will kill that guy!
Baekhyun: Xiumin calm down! Sehun won’t be happy to hear that
Jamilla: let us all pray for him
After a while
(Doctor came out)
Jamilla: (run to the doctor) how is he?
Doctor: the patient is now okay!
Jamilla: oh thank god!
Doctor; we just have to wait until he wake up, he still sleeping now because of the medicine that we gave to him.
Xiumin: thank god!
(They are now at the room of Sehun, waiting for Sehun to wake up)
Sehun: guys
Jamilla: oh Sehun! Are you okay??
Xiumin: Sehun!
Sehun: water
(Luhan get water and gave it to Jamilla)
Jamilla: here (helping Sehun)
Sehun: i am okay guys,
Baekhyun: oh thanks to god!
Sehun: (looked at Xiumin) hey are you crying?
Xiumin: (wipe his tears) no! No i’m not! Why would i cry!
D.O.: wooooh! You know what, he’s really crying! He cried a lot!
Xiumin: Hey!
Jamilla: are you really okay?
Sehun: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes? You need something? You want something??
Sehun: no, i .. remember what you did and what you said to Kai, is that true?
Jamilla: ah ... uhmm. (feeling awkward) i didn’t say anything! (cting that she really don’t know)
Sehun: is that true? That i am special to you??
Jamilla: ah .. i think you are okay now, so we can go .. let’s go cous!
(Jamilla turn his back to Sehun)
Sehun: Jami.. OUCH! Ah! It’s hurting! (holding his tummy, but he’s only acting)
Jamilla: oh my god where? Where it hurts? (really worried)
Sehun: ahaha .. you can’t leave right?
Jamilla: aaahhh! I hate you! You’re making a show again!
(they all laughed at Jamilla)
(they all stopped when somebody opened the door)

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