Chanyeol Story written by Isabelle Seah

You and Chanyeol were childhood friends 
Years past , You went to the Same collage as him, even though your class is different from Chanyeol, you were still very close to him.
After school ..
Chanyeol: ___! 
You turned around and saw Chanyeol 
You: Chanyeol! 
Chanyeol: How was your day?
You: Fine ๐Ÿ˜Š
Chanyeol: ahh I see
"Chanyeol -ahh! "
People you don't know started running to chanyeol
Chanyeol: meet my friends ! Suho, Xiumin, Kai, Luhan, Sehun, Tao, Lay, Kris, Baekhyun, Chen, D.O .
You: Hi! Nice to meet you ๐Ÿ˜Š
Friends: Hi!
You: Chanyeolie , since you are hanging out with your friends , i shall not bother you...

Chanyeol: ____-ssi ..
You: it's fine , I know we are not that close anymore...
Chanyeol: who says so! We are childhood friends.
You: But I realize you have not been spending time with me anymore chanyeol..
Chanyeol: because I was busy , I promise from now onwards I will spend time with you okay?
You: chanyeol , just because I said that, you do it . It's not from the bottom of your heart to spend time with me..
Chanyeol hugged you*
Chanyeol: Be my girl ____
You: Chanyeol -ssi ...
Chanyeol: because you are only my childhood friend , Be my girl and I will spend my whole heart with you ____
You: Chanyeol .... I will be your girl
It was a new year in school. You woke up feeling so much better because you are still Chanyeol's girlfriend.
You reached school with your smile .
Suho: ____-ssi over here!
You went to where the boys were.
You: Annyeong! Where's Chanyeol?
Kris: He is talking to Kai 
You: Ohh , let's go in first shall we?
Boys: Okay
You felt really curious so you went to find Kai and Chanyeol
-- meanwhile chanyeol was talking to Kai --
Kai: did you tell ____ about you going to become a trainee in SM?
Chanyeol: I have not told her..
You: Trainee? SM? What is this Chanyeol?
Chanyeol: i might not be able to be a trainee , I just audition only .
You: But what if you really become a trainee in SM? I won't be able to see you for many years!
You ran away with tears rolling down your cheeks*
Chanyeol : _____ -ahh!!
It has been days , since you went to school . You were afraid if you go to school you might be able to see chanyeol and might cry again. But still you went to school.
Boys: ____ -ssi!!! You are back!
You: yea.. How is chanyeol?
Suho: chanyeol is fine .
You: did chanyeol get chosen to be a trainee in SM?
Kai: yes! We all did!!
You: you all audition too?
Kai: yes , we will be in the same group ๐Ÿ˜Š
You: ahh I see.. , I will be going now Annyeong.
Boys: Annyeong ____ !
You thought : it's is chanyeol's dream to become a singer maybe I should just let him go...
When you were walking facing down the floor you suddenly hit someone*
You: mianhae!
Chanyeol: ____ ?
Chanyeol hugged you*
Chanyeol: ____ ! You know I missed you a lot!!!
You: really? , I heard from the boys that you all got chosen to enter SM .
Chanyeol: ____ -ssi ...
You: I'm fine with it Chanyeolie , I know it's your dream to become a singer.
You: let's break up chanyeol , we won't be seeing each other often too anyway...
Chanyeol: fine... But I will never forget you ____
Years past .... You lose contact with chanyeol .
Chanyeol's group with the boys is called EXO
You met a new friend called Minwoo
Minwoo: ____ -ssi ! 
You: yes?
Minwoo: I want to show you something , follow me
You: okay...
-- minwoo on his laptop --
It was EXO performing
You: why do you want to show me this?
Minwoo: don't you still have feelings for chanyeol?
You: why bother ask , he won't remember me anyway.
You left the room
You thought: will chanyeol care about me? Remember me? Who cares anyway...
Minwoo: ___ -ssi!!!!
You: what's the hurry minwoo?
Minwoo: hurry , we have to go to the hospital !
You: what happened?
Minwoo: chanyeol -chanyeol he he got into an accident
You: what! We have to go now! 
-- when you reached, you saw chanyeol's mother in tears and the EXO members about to cry. Suddenly tears dropped down your cheeks --
You: chanyeol....
Chanyeol's mother: ____ -ssi ... Cries*
You turned to the EXO members
EXO: ____ -ssi ..
You: what happens to chanyeol?!?
Doctor: He passed away...
You broke into tears and ran to chanyeol*
You: chanyeol -ahh chanyeol -ahh!! You can't leave me !
EXO manager went in and you turned around
Manager: Before Chanyeol died , he wrote a letter and said that if anything happens to him , I will past this to you.
You: thank you .
You went home and read the letter:
___ -ssi , By the time you read this you will not be seeing me anymore. I'm sorry for not being able to be with you. All this time I have minwoo to be my spy , I asked him to tell me everything about your daily life. I never forgotten about you , you are my only girl and my only one. Annyeong my love~
Your sweetheart,
You were crying really hard and never forgot about his death .
You: Saranghaeyo Chanyeolie ....

Credit : Admin minjun

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