XOXO High School part 2

Sehun: who’s that??? 
(Xiumin and Baekhyun look around)
Xiumin & Baekhyun: Who’s that??
(no one is talking .. moment of silence ..)
Sehun:( (shout) who the hell is that??
(Jamilla stepped forward)
Jamilla: ME! WHY???
D.O.: OH MY GOD LUHAN! What’s your cousin doing???
Luhan: Oh I forgot to tell you behind of her being so weird, she’s also a war freak
D.O.: OH MY GOD! This is insane! She’s crazy. That’s “the bullies”! oh my god! She’s going to be dead!
Sehun: Oh look at that! The super shy transferee girl from the Philippines!
(Jamilla look straight forward to Sehun’s eyes)
Sehun: what?? … what?? Are you going to be a superhero now?
Jamilla: Shut up!!
(Jamilla help Kai to get up..)
Xiumin: oh look at that Sehun, our dear big head now has his superhero!
Baekhyun: hahaha .. (Baekhyun pull Jamilla’s at her arm) hey transferee! Who do you think you are huh??
Jamilla: get your hands off! (pulling back her arm)
Xiumin: wow! You’re so brave huh!
(going to catch jamilla)
D.O.: OMG Luhan! Make her stop! right now!
Luhan: trust my cousin. She can do that! (smile)
(Jamilla pushed Xiumin and Baekhyun..
.. then look at Sehun)
Jamilla: YOU! (pointing her finger at Sehun’s face) if you can’t do your own assignments then go to school either!! He is not your slave (pointing to Kai) the next time you do this again to anybody, I will make you pay for it. Huh! Understand!
(Jamilla kicked Sehun at his feet)
WOOOOOOH! The crowd screamed!
Sehun: (to the crowd) WHAT?? You want to get hit?? Huh??
(Baekhyun and Xiumin helping Sehun…
.. while Jamilla runs fast with Kai)
Luhan: C’mon D.O., Let’s go!!
D.O. Oh my G! your cousin is a freak! This is insane! Aaaahh..
(Luhan and D.O. follow Jamilla and Kai..)
Sehun: Hey! What you’re doing??? (to Baekhyun and Xiumin) go get them!
(Sehun still holding his feet coz it hurts while Xiumin and Baekhyun run to catch Jamilla)
Sehun: they will pay for this!
(Sehun, Xiumin and Baekhyun meet at the hallway..)
Sehun: what?? Where are the freaks??
Xiumin: (tired, running for his breath) we didn’t find them!
Baekhyun: maybe they already leave the school
Sehun: Sssshh.. (kick the trashcan on the hallway) that transferees! That big head! And that talkative! they better not come here to school tomorrow!
At the bus station
Jamilla, Luhan D.O. and Kai are so tired running ..
D.O.: oh my god Jamilla you’re crazy!! 
Jamilla: hahaha .. isn’t exciting?? Hahaha
Luhan: that was great cous! 
Kai: ahhh Jamilla I want to …
(the bus came)
Jamilla: oh here comes the bus! Go ahead Kai and D.O. .. (smile) before “the bullies” came here .. hahaha
Luhan: Go! Go! 
(Kai was about to speak..)
D.O.: c’mon Kai!
(then Kai and D.O. ride the bus ..
.. then Luhan and Jamilla start to walk)
Luhan: that was great cous! You’ve never change! Haha..
Jamilla: we better get prepare for tomorrow! 
Luhan: yah! hahaha ..
The next day
P.E. class
All the students are in the field ..
Prof. Tao: okay class while we are waiting for the others make some warm ups okay??
Students: Okay!!!
Jamilla, Luhan, D.O., and Kai are already in the field with the other students.
Kai: uhmmmm… (to Jamilla) I just want to thank you for what you did yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to thank you the last time coz you already leave when we reach the bus station.
Jamilla: that’s okay Kai. It’s nothing (patting his back) it seems like I was just doing the right thing! 
D.O.: Oh my G! I remembered it again! You’re so crazy Jamilla! I am sure “the bullies” make us pay of what you did and Oh my G! and i am involve with this! Aaahhh!!
Luhan: (holding the shoulder of D.O.) Don’t you worry! Jamilla can handle that! (smiling)
(Jamilla smiled at D.O.)
D.O.: You Luhan! Why you’re so fine?? And not even getting nervous of what happened the last day! Why you have so much faith to your cousin?
Luhan: You know the reason why we get transferred here in XOXO HIGH?? It’s because she has been kicked out from our old school!
D.O.: HHUh?? (D.O. was so shocked)
Luhan: I will tell you the whole story later! 
(D.O. was so confused of what he heard)
Kai: Uuhhmmmm.. can I join your group??
Jamilla: what group?? We don’t have a group .. so you are free to join us .. 
D.O.: you could join us Kai, you are smart! You could help us! Hehe .. 
(They all laugh)
The girl students screams …
Luhan: Oh who are they?? Are they famous??
(Jamilla is confused)
D.O.: that was Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol! The heartrobs of XOXO HIGH!
Kai: they are seniors here and they are rich!
Luhan and Jamilla: Ooohhh ...
D.O.: the one with the black hair that is Suho, he is super rich! As in super and duper rich! His family own so many business here in seoul. And the one who has a blonde hair, that is Lay, he is the grandson of the president of this XOXO HIGH.
Luhan and Jamilla: WOW!
D.O.: and that one! The tallest one, that is Chanyeol! He’s so weird! Actually everybody here in XOXO HIGH do not considered him as a part of the heartrobs because .. it’s because he is not! Hahaha ..
Jamilla and Luhan: (creepy face)
D.O.: the reason why he is included is because he is Suho’s cousin.
Jamilla: aaahh…
Luhan: wow D.O. you really knows everything!
D.O.: Ofcourse! I have a special power in gathering informations! 
Jamilla: then you should be a reporter!
(They all laugh)
Kai: Oh “the bullies” are here! (look so afraid)
Jamilla: don’t be afraid Kai!
Luhan: Yah, yah, yah!
(Sehun, Xiumin and baekhyun go straight to Jamilla, Kai, Luhan and D.O.)
Sehun: Hey freaks!
Jamilla: who?? Freaks?? Watch your mouth boy!
Sehun: hahaha .. don’t be too brave!
(Sehun grab Jamilla at her collar)
Sehun: you deal with the wrong guy transferee! I don’t even care if you are a girl!
(Sehun pushed Jamilla , that make her fall to the floor)
D.O.: hey! You bastard!
Xiumin: what?? You also what to be like her?? A superhero of a superhero?? Huh??
Suho: wait guys! Wait … what is happening here??
Then everybody stop .. and they look at the person who asked them to stop
D.O.: ooh! It’s Suho! 


Credit to : EXO-M Tao for the story 

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