XOXO High School part 1

The bullies 
Sehun – the leader 

The heartrobs
Suho – Leader
Lay – Suho’s bestfriend
Chanyeol – Suho’s cousin

Kris – Math Professor
Tao – Physical Education Professor
Chen – English Professor

D.O. – the talkative
Kai – the smart

Luhan – transferee/ cousin of Jamilla
Jamilla – transferee/ cousin of Luhan
It was a usual day in XOXO High School, It is already 9:00 am, time for the first class of section 2-B.

Professor Kris enter the class room.

Prof. Kris: Good morning class!
Students: Good morning sir!
(the girls are giggling because of the handsome professor, they’re always like this every time that Prof. Kris is around)
Prof. Kris: hey Sehun! Sit properly! You and your boys (xiumin & baekhyun) are always like this!
Sehun: Okay! Okay! Pppfff…
Prof. Kris: Okay class! Let me see the homework that I gave to you the last time, I hope everybody did well, okay past if forward ..
(Prof. Kris checking the papers ..)
Prof. Kris: Sehun! Xiumin! and Baekhyun! Where is your papers??
Prof. Kris: what??? Are you going to speak or what??
Xiumin: uhmmmm… we forget it at home, sir!
Baekhyun: Yes! yes sir, we forget it!
(Sehun, no reaction, instead he’s looking from a far at the window)
Prof. Kris: the three of you! You are always like this! Ever since that the school year starts you always make your teachers angry! Sehun! you….
(Prof. Kris stop when somebody knocks on the door.)
Prof. Tao (P.E. Teacher) Professor Kris! Good morning! Can I interrupt your class for a while??
Xiumin: (whisper to Baekhyun & Sehun) Oh thanks to Prof. Tao! Woooh!!
Prof. Kris: Okay what is it Prof. Tao??
(Prof. Tao enter the room)
Prof. Tao: Okay class, I am here to introduce to you your two new classmates.
(students are staring to murmur.)
Prof. Tao: They are transferees from the Philippines. Class, I want you to meet Jamilla and Luhan.
(Jamilla and Luhan are very shy.. they are pushing each other who will come in first.)
Prof. Tao: C’mon Jamilla and Luhan don’t be shy!!
(Jamilla and Luhan enter the room.)
(Luhan enter the room first.)
Girl 1: Oh my! You’re so handsome!
Girl 2: aaahh! Sir here beside me!
Girl 3: shut up! He will sit here next to me!
Prof. Kris: class quiet!!
Prof. Tao: class, this is Luhan, Jamilla come in.
(Jamilla came in.)
Xiumin: Oh! She’s pretty!
Baekhyun: Wow, she looks like a doll!
Sehun: Pppfff… just another girl, I’m sure she’s just like our girl classmates! Make-ups, shoes, bags, that’s all they know!

Prof. Tao: Okay this is Jamilla, Jamilla and Luhan are cousins, they are transferees so be nice to them, okay? Show them that the students of XOXO high are nice! Okay class??
Students: okay Sir!!!
Prof. Kris: Jamilla and Luhan, why don’t you introduce yourself to the class, Luhan you go first.
Luhan: mmmm… hi everyone, I’m Luhan, I am 18, hope we can be good friends.
(girls scream.)
Girl 1: oh sure Luhan! Aaahhh .. 
Prof. Kris: quiet class! Jamilla, you’re next
Jamilla: mmmmm…. Hi! I’m Jamilla ..

Prof. Kris: Oh! That’s it??
Jamilla: Yes!
Prof. Kris: Okay! It seems like Jamilla is very shy, okay Jamilla and Luhan you two sit there!
(Jamilla sit next to Xiumin and Luhansit next to Jamilla
Xiumin: Hi beautiful! (smile)
Baekhyun: hi! (also smiling)
(but Jamilla is not reacting, instead Luhan is the one who respond.)
Luhan: Hello!
Prof. Tao: Jamilla and Luhan!
Luhan: yes sir?
(Jamilla just look to Prof. Tao.)
Prof. Tao: if you have any concern or questions, don’t hesitate to askme or Prof. Kris about it. Okay?
Luhan: Okay sir!
Prof. Tao: Okay! Class be nice to them. And thanks to you Prof. Kris!
Prof, Kris: Okay Prof. Tao
(Prof. Tao leaves the room.)
Prof. Kris: Okay class let us continue! Xiumin! Baekhyun! Sehun! where is your assignment??
(the three guys are just looking to each other.)
Prof. Kris: since you didn’t have your assignments, the three of you can go!
Xiumin & Baekhyun: but sir..
Prof. Kris: leave now!
Xiumin & Baekhyun: okay… (sad)
Sehun: Ppppfff …
Prof. Kris: the next time this will happen again I will call your parents and tell about this! Hard headed boys!!
(after the boys leave, the class proceed, while Prof. Kris is lecturing …)
Luhan: (talking to the guy next to him) hi ..
D.O.: oh, hello ..
Luhan: hi, I’m Lihan
D.O.: I’m D.O.
Luhan: nice to meet you!
D.O.: nice to meet you!
Luhan: the three guys earlier, who are they??
D.O.: oh don’t you dare make trouble to them.. they are called “the bullies” in this school.
Luhan: Oh.. I see!
D.O.: you see that guy (pointing to kai) the one who’s wearing an eye glasses, he always get bullied by them. And now look at him he looks so scared right??
Luhan: why??
D.O.: “the bullies” always ask him to do their assignments! And the last assignment that Prof. Kris gave to us was very difficult, maybe that’s the reason why Kai didn’t able to their assignments! I’m sure he’s getting hit again by “the bullies” after the class. 
Luhan: Oh my gosh.. that was so rude!
D.O.: yes! so don’t you dare make trouble to them!
Jamilla: (whispering) LUhan! Luhan! The professor are looking to the two of you! Luhan!

Prof. Kris: D.O.!
D.O.: yes sir!
Prof. Kris: you’re being so talkative again! It’s just the first day of Luhan and you seem to tell him all the news in our school!
(students laughing!)
Boy 1: sir! He has found a new chatmate! Hahaha..
(student laughing)
D.O.: Pppppffff…
Prof. Kris: Okay quiet! Let us continue .. D.O. be quiet huh!
D.O.: (whisper to Luhan) Let’s continue this later
Luhan: okay! Okay! (smiling)
(then the discussion continued.. 
Until the bell rang!)
Luhan: D.O.! D.O.! sit here! Join us!
D.O.: hi! (to Luhan) hi Jamilla ..
(Jamilla just smile)
Luhan: you continue the story .. go .. 
D.O.: okay! 
Jamilla: hey! Stop talking about that! You Luhan instead of knowing all the rumors in this school why don’t you go to the professor’s office and ask for our full schedule!
Luhan: oh Jamilla dear .. I’m going to do that later!
D.O.: (to Luhan) your cousin, why is she so serious??
Luhan: (whispering) she’s always like that, she’s always nagging at me, always reading, always studying, so boring! Sometimes it feels like I am with my mom when I’m with her!
Jamilla: I heard that!
D.O. & Luhan: (laugh)

….Student 1: C’mon c’mon! “the bullies” are now confronting Kai! (all the students runs to the ground)Sehun: (grabbed Kai’s collar) hey! You see what happened to the three of us at the math class!!(Kai looks so afraid)Baekhyun: that’s a shame, boy!Xiumin: (ready to punch Kai) you’ll pay for this, bighead (Kai) ..Kai: I’m so sorry! I’m sorry! It’s just …(Sehun punched Kai’s faceAnd Kai down to the floor Xiumin and Baekhyun kicked him)“the bullies” stop when ….Jamilla: HEY!Sehun: who’s that??? (Xiumin and Baekhyun look around)Xiumin & Baekhyun: Who’s that??(no one is talking .. moment of silence ..)Sehun:( (shout) who the hell is that??…..(Jamilla stepped forward)Jamilla: ME! WHY???D.O.: OH MY GOD LUHAN! What’s your cousin doing???


Credit :EXO-M Tao for the story 


LuLu Dhia Andhrea said...

Wow... I like your story ... The best storyline that i ever read ... Daebak !! sorry , I can't talk in english propely .. i can only talk in malay ... anda boleh faham apa yang saya tulis ?? Mianhaeyo , eonni ..

Mong Sya said...

LuLu Dhia Andrea thanks. ala.. sokaylah.. unnie org melayu lah.. ^^