XOXO High Scool part 8

At the park
D.O.: Jamilla go text her where exactly she is
Jamilla: okay!
(few minutes later)
Jamilla: she said “in front of the ice cream stand”
(they are now going to the ice cream stand)
D.O.: oh wait! Is that Sehun???
Luhan: where??
D.O.: there! In the front of ice cream stand!
Luhan: oh? Is he the one who’s we’re going to meet?
Jamilla: I think no, maybe he’s just there, maybe that girl .. the one who’s buying ice cream
(then they continue walking, they were surprised when the girl who’s buying ice cream left already, and the only person left there at the ice cream stand is Sehun)
Sehun: you’re here (smiling)
(Jamilla, D.O. and Luhan are surprised)
Sehun: here! (giving the I.D. to Jamilla)
Jamilla: uhhhmmm .. thank you! But how? How did it happen that you get this?
Luhan: oh cous! Maybe when you get bumped to him yesterday. Right Sehun?
Sehun: yes, you dropped it, I was about to give it to you but you already left, so I didn’t have a chance to gave it back to you
Jamilla: oh.. thank you so much!
Sehun: it’s nothing (smiling)
Jamilla: but where did you get my cellphone number??
Sehun: there! On your I.D.
Jamilla: oh! yes! ahaha .. (feeling shy)
D.O.: oh Sehun, I never thought you have a good side
Jamilla: hey D.O., don’t be like that
Sehun; it’s okay
D.O.: oh I’m sorry, I was just trying to joke
Luhan: where is Xiumin and Baekhyun??
Sehun: actually, I don’t know
D.O.: why??
Sehun: (just smiling)
(a moment of silence)
Sehun: oh you guys want some ice cream??
D.O.: you’re going to treat us??
Luhan: D.O.!
Sehun: sure!
D.O.: ahh Sehun you’re so kind!
Jamilla: he’s always like that!
(while they are buying ice cream, somebody holds Sehun’s shoulder, and when Sehun turn back ….)
PUNCHED! (Sehun fell down)
Luhan: oh my god!
Jamilla: oh are you okay?? (trying to help Sehun to get up)
Sehun: it’s okay
Xiumin: Sehun!
(Sehun is now standing, Xiumin grab Sehun’s collar)
Xiumin: what huh! Is this your new group? What you call this group “the weird”?? (he punched Sehun again)
Jamilla: Oh my god stop!
(Xiumin pushed Jamilla)
Jamilla: aah!
Sehun: Xiumin stop! (he pushed Xiumin) Stop this!
Baekhyun: Sehun! are you really going to throw our friendship??
Sehun: Baekhy….
(Ppprrrtttt!!! The park’s security is coming)
Xiumin: c’mon Baekhyun! (Xiumin run)
Security: hey you! STOP!
Xiumin: Baekhun let’s go! (baekhyun also run)
Jamilla: Sehun are you okay??
D.O.: oh my god! Blood!
Jamilla: what happened Sehun? why your friends doing this to you?
Sehun: no it’s nothing I’m okay!
Jamilla: no! you’re not okay, look your lips!
Luhan: Cous! We’re going to buy some medications for that!
Jamilla: go cous!
Sehun: no it’s okay! (trying to stop Luhan)
Luhan: D.O. let’s go!
D.O.: Oh my god!
(Luhan and D.O. leaving)
Jamilla: c’mon let’s sit over there
(they are now sitting on the bench)
Jamilla: here!(giving Sehun her handkerchief) wipe the blood on your lips)
Sehun: I’m fine
Jamilla: no! let me (Jamilla try to wipe Sehun’s lips)
Sehun: ouch!
Jamilla: See! You’re not okay!
(Sehun get the handkerchief from Jamilla)
Sehun: let me do it
Jamilla: okay
(moment of silence)
Jamilla; that was really surprising!
Sehun: I want to say sorry for that
Jamilla: why you’re saying sorry??
Sehun: Xiumin is really a hard headed!
Jamilla: why they did this to you??
Sehun: coz they’re thinking that I’m turning my back on them
Jamilla: (confused)
Sehun: Thank you!
Jamilla: (look at Sehun) what??
Sehun: I want to thank you
Jamilla: for what? For that handkerchief? It’s okay!
Sehun: no
Jamilla: huh?
Sehun: mmm… you know what .. after you talked to me .. I realized something
Jamilla: realized what??
Sehun: I realized that being a bully is such a stupid thing
Jamilla: are you serious with that?
Sehun: yes! after you told me your story, I’ve said to myself that, maybe if I do not stop being a bully, I can also be kick out from school like what happened to you before, and look at me now I’m suspended!
Jamilla: wow! Did I really make you realized that??
Sehun: believe it or not, what I’m saying is true, that’s why I want to thank you!
Jamilla: don’t tell me that was the reason why your friends did that to you!
Sehun: (shy) actually .. yes
Jamilla: oh my ..
Sehun: no! don’t think that it is because of you
(Luhan and D.O. are coming)
Luhan: cous! Here!
D.O.: Sehun! are you okay??
Sehun: thank you! It’s okay don’t worry!
(they was about to go home)
Jamilla: are you really okay??
Sehun: yes and stop worrying
D.O.: be careful on your way home
Luhan: yes, maybe your friends is just around and waiting for a chance to hit you again
D.O.: yes! they might hurt you again
Sehun: no! I’m sure they’re not (smiling)
Luhan: Okay!
Sehun: ahh … Jamilla, your handkerchief I’m going to return it to you but I’ll wash it first
Jamilla: no! it’s okay! you can keep it
(they continue walking and they reached the bus stop)
Jamilla: text us when you’re home okay?
Sehun: I told you stop worrying, I’m okay!
Jamilla: then okay! (smiling) let’s go ..
(Jamilla, Luhan and D.O. ride the bus and Sehun continue walking)
Xiumin: SEHUN!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun suddenly appear)


Credit : Admin minjun

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