XOXO High School part 5

Sehun: she already say sorry!
Baekhyun: Sehun! don’t tell us you like that girl??
(Sehun stopped because of what he heard)
Xiumin: what? Is that true? You like her??
Sehun: ….. NO! .. let’s stop this! Let us just forget that!
(Sehun ride his skateboard and leave)
Xiumin: hey! Sehun!

At Sehun’s room
Sehun lying on his bed
At sehun’s mind it keeps on repeating what Baekhyun and Xiumin said ..
Baekhyun: Sehun! don’t tell us, you like that girl??
Xiumin: is that true? You like her?
Baekhyun: don’t tell us you like her?
Xiumin: you like her? 
(and it keeps on repeating oh his mind)
Sehun; AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ( Sehun scream so loud)
(his mom was shocked and run fast to his room)
Mom: (open the door) Sehun! son! What is that? Why you scream? Are you okay??
Sehun: (Sehun is surprised) ahh.. uhmm.. yes mom! i.. just.. I just saw a cockroach! 
(he’s making the cockroach as an excuse)
Mom: Oh son! You didn’t change! You are still afraid of cockroach!
(his mom closed the door)
Sehun: uuuhhhh! Oh god! Do I really like her?? No! no! this is not true!!
Monday morning
Jamilla and Luhan walking and wqs about to enter the gate of the school
Beep! Beep! (Suho riding his car)
Suho: (waving) hi Jamilla, hi Luhan, good morning!
Luhan: good morning!
Jamilla: uh.. hi .. good morning! ( her heart beating fast)
(then Suho continue driving entering the school, Jamilla and Luhan also enter the school , still walking on their way to their lockers.)
Luhan: mmmmm… cous! (teasing Jamilla)
Jamilla: what?? (smiling! Can’t hide she feels)
Luhan: yyiieeee … you can’t hide it! 
Jamilla: Ssshhh… D.O. is coming
D.O.: hi Jamilla, hi Luhan let’s go! 
(they went to the lockers)
(while they are in their lockers)
D.O.: Oh Luhan, did you have your assignment in Math??
Luhan: Yes
D.O.: what about you Jamilla??
Jamilla: yes! why?
Luhan: of course she have an assignment! Why you asking??
D.O.: can I copy? (shy)
Jamilla: tssk! Tsk!
Luhan: you don’t have yours?? Why??
D.O.: yes! it’s because of … Super Junior!
Jamilla & Luhan: SUPER JUNIOR???
D.O.: yes! I was busy watching their music videos last night, and I forget about the assignment! (sad)
Jamilla: you D.O.! maybe tomorrow you’re going to be a member of “the bullies”
D.O.: Oh my god Jamilla, you’re over reacting!
Luhan: here! (giving his notebook to D.O.) do it faster, you’re running out of time!
(When Jamilla closed her locker.. Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol suddenly appeared)
Suho: hi
Jamilla: oh! (shocked)
Chanyeol: haha.. she’s surprised, Suho
D.O.: oh it’s Suho!
Luhan: Ssshhh..
Lay: hello Jamilla! Suho!(asking Suho to speak)
Suho: aahhh ..
Lay: go tell her!
D.O.: oh my god! What is it?? (excited)
Chanyeol: (to D.O.) it’s Jamilla, not you!
D.O.: Hmmppff! I’m just asking!
Lay: go Suho!
Suho: aaahh .. I just wanna ask if …. If …
Chanyeol: Oh c’mon Suho! Jamilla what he want to say is if he could ask you out on a date!
Lay: hey! (shouting to Chanyeol)
Suho: you!(hitting Chanyeol)
Chanyeol; why? You acting so shy! That’s why I said it!
(D.O., Luhan specially Jamilla was shocked)
Luhan: oh my god!
D.O.: aaaahhhh (scream) is that true??
Chanyeol: (to D.O.) you are excited than Jamilla
D.O.: grrr…
(Jamilla feels like freezing)
Luhan: cous! Cous!
Jamilla: oh! What is it?? What is it again??
D.O.: he want to ask you out on a date! Ayyyiiieeee…
Chanyeol: Ssssshhhhh! (covering D.O.’s mouth)
D.O.: YOU!
Suho: yes, uhm.. I want to ask you if we could go out later??
Luhan: yyiiiee!
Jamilla: aah ….
D.O.: yes! yes! Jamilla say yes!
Jamilla: ssshhh .. uhmm.. okay (shy)
Lay: yes! haha (holding Suho’s shoulders)
Suho: really??
Jamilla: ahh yes!
Suho: thank you! Uhhhmm .. so I will wait you at the gate after class?
Jamilla: mm.. okay! 
D.O.: aahhh..
Luhan: cous! (smiling)
Jamilla: (mouthing words) quiet! (to D.O. & Luhan)
(the bell ring)
Suho: so see you later??
Jamilla: okay!
Suho: okay! So.. we have to go
D.O.: bye Suho! 
Chanyeol: ssshhhh!
(D.O. angry face)
Jamilla: bye!
Suho: see you later!
(Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol leave)
Luhan: oh my god cous!
(Jamilla open her locker and put her head inside and scream)
Luhan: ahahaha
D.O.: you didn’t tell me you like Suho (acting angry)
Jamilla: because you are so talkative! You might spread it to the world!
D.O.: hhhmmpp!
Luhan: c’mon we’re going to be late
(while walking going to their room)
Luhan: oh D.O. you didn’t have your assignment yet!
Jamilla: ahahah “super junior” I’m sure Prof. Kris would be mad at you!
D.O.: uhuhuhu .. I’m dead!
(they enter the room, Xiumin and Baekhyun looking at them, while Sehun looking down and so quiet)
D.O.: oh my god huhu ..
(Prof. Kris enter the room)
Prof. Kris: Good morning class!
Students: good morning sir!
Prof. Kris: okay get your assignment and pass it here
D.O.: Luhan! Huhuhu ..
Luhan: Sssshh .. just act normal!
Prof. Kris: (holding the papers) did everybody pass their assignment?? (looking at “the bullies”) let me see who did pass their assignment!
D.O.: Oh my god!
Prof. Kris: Oh! Wow! This is shocking! Sehun! you did your assignment?? Impressive! This is the first time!
(everybody was surprised specially Xiumin and Baekhyun)
Baekhyun: what??
Xiumin: Sehun! (angry)
(Sehun still quiet)
Prof. Kris: as ussual, Xiumin and Baekhyun didn’t make their assignment! Oh wait! .. D.O.??
(D.O. talking on his mind, “I wanna die! Please sir stop!”)
Prof. Kris: D.O.! …….. D.O.!
Luhan: D.O.! (hitting D.O.’s shoulder)
D.O.: yes sir!
Prof. Kris: where is your assignment??
D.O.: uhmmm.. sir ah …
Prof. Kris: what?? You also didn’t have your assignment??
D.O.: yes, sorry sir!
Prof. Kris: did, you and Sehun change places? Are you now a part of “the bullies”?? 
(students laughing, D.O. is so shy)
Jamilla: (whispering to D.O.) super junior! Ahahaha .,.
(Luhan laughing)
D.O.: grrrr ..
Prof. Kris: okay! Quiet! D.O. I’m warning you!
(D.O. look so pale)
(The class has ended)
Xiumin: Sehun! what’s your problem??
Baekhyun: are you now a good boy??
Sehun: aren’t you getting tired of what we’re doing?
Xiumin: what??
Sehun: of being a bully
Baekhyun: are you kidding Sehun??
Xiumin: are you serious??
Baekhyun: why are you being like this? Is that because of that girl??
At the gate
(Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol are waiting)
Chanyeol: oh they’re coming! Jamilla (shouting) Jamilla!
Jamilla: uhmm sorry if we keep you guys waiting
Suho: it’s okay!
Lay: I think it’s worth the wait (teasing Suho)
Suho: so .. let’s go??
Jamilla: okay
Luhan: go cous!
(Suho open the door of his car for Jamilla)
Jamilla: Thank you!
(Suho and Jamilla was about to leave)
Luhan: bye cous!
Lay: have a nice time!
D.O.: don’t forget to tell us tomorrow! (smiling)
Chanyeol: Ssshhh .. bye Suho! Bye Jamilla!
(then Jamilla and Suho leave)


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