XOXO High School part 6

Xiumin: Sehun! what’s your problem??
Baekhyun: are you now a good boy??
Sehun: aren’t you getting tired of what we’re doing?
Xiumin: what??
Sehun: of being a bully
Baekhyun: are you kidding Sehun??
Xiumin: are you serious??
Baekhyun: why are you being like this? Is that because of that girl??
Xiumin: what? Sehun! c’mon tell us!
Sehun: Yes!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun was surprised)
Baekhyun: oh. Ahaha .. oh my god Sehun!
Sehun: yes! it’s because of her! After she talked to me, I realized that .. we’re doing such a non sense thing
Xiumin: what?? Non sense? Are you saying now that we are non sense! Huh!
Baekhyun: Sehun! c’mon!
Sehun: sorry but I don’t to be like this anymore
Xiumin: (pushed Sehun) what? Sehun! are you quiting??
Sehun: yes!
Xiumin: (grab Sehun’s collar) why are you being like this huh!
(Baekhyun trying to stop Xiumin)
Baekhyun: guys! Stop it! We can talk about this on a nice way
Sehun: no! I don’t want to be a bully from now on
Xiumin: See! You’re throwing are friendship Sehun!
Sehun: no! of course not! You are my friends, it’s just that .. all I want for us .. is to change
Xiumin: you’re crazy! C’mon Baekhyun! Let’s go! Leave that loser alone!
(meanwhile Suho and Jamilla driving )
Suho: So.. ahh where did you want to eat?
Jamilla: uhhmmm… anywhere, you decide
Suho: okay!
(then Suho and Jamilla to the restaurant)
Waiter: good evening sir! Good evening ma’am! Here is the menu.
Jamilla: thank you
Suho: Jamilla, what you want ??
Jamilla: mmmm.. pasta?
Suho: (to the waiter) okay give us this (pointing to the menu) and also this.
Waiter:is that all sir?
Suho: is there anything you want Jamilla?
Jamilla: no! that’s it
Suho: okay
Waiter: okay sir thank you!
(they are now eating)
Suho: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Suho; how is ti? (referring to the food)
Jamilla: it’s good
Suho: (smiling) .. you know what.. the first time I saw you, I found you so pretty
Jamilla: (blushing) really??
Suho: yes! you are so pretty
Jamilla: Thank you! (shy)
Suho: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Suho: uhmm I … I want to know you more
Jamilla: ….. (speechless)
Suho: I want us to be more than friends
Jamilla: (talking to her mind .. more than friends?? Oh my god he’s so fast!)
Suho: Jamilla
Jamilla: oh! Uhmmmm…
Suho: I want to ask if I can court you?
Jamilla: (surprised)( she have no words to say but deep inside she really want to scream out loud)
Suho: Oh did I surprised you?? I’m sorry, am I being so fast? I’m sorry
Jamilla: ahh it’s okay..
Suho: ah .. I know it’s only our first time to go out on a date but I really like you
Jamilla: ahh (she really don’t know what to say) uhmm.. thank you!
Suho: so is it okay if I will continue this??
Jamilla: mmm… okay (feeling a bit awkward)
Suho: im so happy thank you Jamilla, oh go eat well
Jamilla: (smiling)
In front of Jamilla’s house
Jamilla: uhmmm.. thank you for tonight
Suho: it’s nothing.. so.. I’ll go ahead! See you at the school tomorrow!
Jamilla: okay! Be careful on driving!
Suho: thank you! Bye!
Jamilla ang Luhan’s room
(Jamilla open the door)
Luhan: oh cous! You’re here! How is it!(excited)
Jamilla: (jump on her bed & scream so loud) aaaahhhhh …
Luhan: oh my god cous! C’mon tell me!
Jamilla: he said that …
Luhan: that?? C’mon cous!
Jamilla: he want to court me!
Jamilla & Luhan: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
Luhan: oh my god cous!is that for real??
Jamilla: yes!
Luhan: oh my! D.O. will be so shocked if he will know about this!
Jamilla: aaaahhh.. im feeling crazy!
Jamilla and Luhan running late
Jamilla: oh my god cous! Faster we’re late!
Luhan: it’s you’re fault cous! Last night it is so late and you keep on talking about Suho!
(Jamilla bumped with somebody)
Jamilla: UH! (she fell down on the floor)
Luhan: oh cous! Are you okay??
(helping Jamilla to stand)
Luhan: Oh Sehun!
(they are shocked when they noticed that the person that Jamilla bumped to .. is Sehun)


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