XOXO High School part 7

Jamilla and Luhan running late
Jamilla: oh my god cous! Faster we’re late!
Luhan: it’s you’re fault cous! Last night it is so late and you keep on talking about Suho!
(Jamilla bumped with somebody)
Jamilla: UH! (she fell down on the floor)
Luhan: oh cous! Are you okay??
(helping Jamilla to stand)
Luhan: Oh Sehun!
(they are shocked when they noticed that the person that Jamilla bumped to .. is Sehun)
Jamilla: oh! I’m sorry!
Sehun: it’s okay, here (giving Jamilla the book that she drop)
Jamilla: thank you!
Sehun: next time be careful
(Jamilla and Luhan run again)
Sehun: (stepped on something) Oh!
(Sehun saw Jamillla”a I.D.)
Sehun: wait! (he was about to give it but Jamilla and Luhan are already gone)
At the room
D.O.: you two are almost late!
Luhan: oh my! Yah! And it’s because Jamilla
D.O.: Jamilla? Why?
Jamilla: (to Luhan) Ssshhh …
Luhan: (smiling) (to D.O.) I will tell you later
Prof. Kris: class, Prof. Tao is here
Prof. Tao: good morning, I have some news so.. as you noticed Mr. Kai is not attending class this past few days
Luhan: (to D.O. and Jamilla) oh yes! I texted him so many time cause I want to ask how is he doing but there is no response from him.
Prof. Tao: it’s because Mr. Kai is going to be transferred to other school
Jamilla: oh my god!
Prof. Tao: her aunt came to me early this morning to get his grades, Mr. Kai is now in the U.S. because of some family matter that’s why he leave immediately and her aunt said that Mr. Kai is going to continue his study there in the U.S.
Jamilla: we didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to him (sad)
D.O.: yes! that was so sad!
Prof. Tao: and another news! Ask you can see “the bullies” is not here, and it’s because they are suspended for a week
D.O.: oh sir why?
Prof. Tao: Mr. Kai’s aunt also told us what the bullies did to Mr. Kai. So our principal decided to give them a suspension.
Luhan: (to Jamilla) that’s why we saw Sehun at the gate leaving the school
Jamilla: ooh ..
D.O.: tsk! tsk! There is so many bad news right now! Our friend being transferred, students being suspended! Hayyy! So sad!
Prof. Tao: Okat class that’s all, I’m hoping that there in no other students who will get a suspension, I hope “the bullies” was the last okay?
Students: Okay Sir!
Prof. Tao: Okay Thank you! Thank you also Prof. Kris! Bye class!
At the canteen
(Jamilla, Luhan and D.O. are eating)
Luhan: I was worried about Kai
Jamilla: me too! I wish we could contact him
D.O.; Kai is really a nerd! He didn’t have even facebook account! How can we contact him!
Jamilla: oh my god cous! (she noticed that she’s not wearing her I.D.) where is my I.D.??
Luhan: I don’t know, maybe you left it at home
Jamilla: oh I’m not sure! (worried)
(Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol is coming)
Luhan: cous! Suho is coming!
Suho: hi Jamilla
Jamilla: oh hi!
D.O.: oh my god how was your date last night! I forgot to ask about it!
Suho: can we join you here?
Jamilla: okay!
Lay: I’m going to buy our food!
Suho: so how are you Jamilla?
D.O.: guys c’mon tell me what happened on your date!
Luhan: Ssshhh…
Jamilla: im okay, but we are worried about Kai
Chanyeol: oh we heard about that and also about “the bullies”
Suho: yes and that was sad
Luhan: yes! cause we didn’t had a chance to say goodbye
Suho! (somebady’s calling Suho)
Chanyeol: oh! Suho! It’s your brother Taemin!
(Suho was surprised)
Taemin: we need to talk Suho!
Suho: excuse us guys
(Suho and Taemin leave)
D.O.: chanyeol! Who’s that?
Chanyeol: that’s Taemin. Suho’s older brother
Lay: oh where is Suho?
Chanyeol: Lay! Taemin is here!(worried)
Lay: (shocked) really? Where did they go??
Chanyeol: I don’t know
(Lay leave, look so worried)
Jamilla: Chanyeol, is there anything wrong?
Chanyeol: uhmmm… I think I am not the one who’s gonna tell you about this
D.O.: I can see in your face that this was a very serious matter
Luhan: me too! The reaction of Suho and Lay that was confusing
(Jamilla is so confused and worried about Suho)
Chanyeol: aaahh let’s eat( trying to change the topic)
(they are eating quietly)
(Taemin is coming)
Chanyeol: oh Taemin! Where is Suho?
Taemin: (ignoring Chanyeol) can I talk to you?
Jamilla: me?
Taemin: yes
Jamilla: ah okay…
(Jamilla and Taemin go outside the canteen)
Taemin: hi I’m Taemin, I’m Suho’s brother
Jamilla: hi I’m Jamilla
Taemin: I heard that Suho is courting you
Jamilla: (Shy) yes, he is
Taemin: I am sorry to tell this but .. Suho is already engaged
Jamilla: (shocked) what??
Taemin: yes he already have a fiancé, but he don’t like to marry that girl, coz it was fix by the parents
Jamilla: a fixed marriage?
Taemin: yes my parents already fixed my brother’s marriage, and you know that Suho is a graduating student right??
Jamilla: Yes
Taemin: they are getting married after Suho graduate
Jamilla: (sad and look so pale) okay ..
Taemin: look! Im not trying to be the bad person here, but I’m telling you this because, I don’t want my brother and also you to get hurt when that time comes, what I’m asking you is …
(Taemin is not yet finish talking, Jamilla answered)
Jamilla: yes, I understand the situation
Taemin: I’m so sorry but .. I am doing this for your own sake and also for my brother, coz I don’t know what will happen I the two of you continue this ..
Jamilla: okay, it’s okay! and thank you for telling me this and I also want to say sorry
Taemin: no, I am the one who must say sorry
Jamilla: no, it’s okay
Taemin: thank you for your understanding!
Jamilla: but where is Suho? Is he okay??
Taemin: he left already, our dad wants to talk to him
Jamilla: I hope he is okay
Taemin: don’t worry he’ll be fine
Jamilla: again, I’m sorry!
Taemin: stop being sorry, it’s okay and thank you! So .. I’ll go ahead
Jamilla: okay
Taemin: goodbye and thank you!
(taemin leave)
Luhan: cous! (coming to Jamilla)
Chanyeol: Jamilla are you okay??
(Jamilla hugged Luhan and cried)
Jamilla: cous! (crying)
Luhan: it’s okay cous!
D.O.: Chanyeol already told us!
Chanyeol: I’m sorry Jamilla
Jamilla: it’s okay! I understand Suho’s situation.
Jamilla and Luhan’s room
(Jamilla looking from a far)
Luhan: cous! Are you okay?
Jamilla: (take a deep breath) hhaaay! Yes cous! (trying to smile)
Luhan: it’s okay cous!(patting Jamilla’s back)
Jamilla: of course, nobody want this to happened, I know that Suho really don’t want this to happened
Luhan: aren’t you mad of Suho??
Jamilla: no, his brother explained it to me, at least we knew about this before I fall for him.
(Luhan hugged his cousin)
Luhan: fighting cous! Let’s just forget about this! I know it’s hard but … fighting! (smile)
Jamilla: this day is full of sadness, first is Kai and now this! Haaay.. I hope tomorrow would be better than this!
Luhan: of course cous! Be positive!
English class
(not like the usual Luhan, D.O. and Jamilla are so quiet)
D.O.:(whispering to Luhan) you think your cousin is really okay?
Luhan: (whispering) I know that she’s not but, I know she can get through with this! She’s a fighter ..
Prof. Chen: okay class that’s all for today! Goodbye!
Jamilla: cous! I have to go to Prof. Tao’s office
D.O.: why?
Jamilla: I can’t find my I.D., I have to ask for a new one
Luhan: okay! let’s go
(they are wlaking and was about to leave the school)
Luhan: Oh D.O. we have an assignments so stop watching Super Junior!
(Jamilla laugh)
Luhan: I knew it, that’s what makes you laugh cous!
D.O.: I hate you both of you! You always making fun of me!
(they all laugh)
Suddenly Jamilla receive a text message
Text message: hi Ms. Jamilla, I found your I.D. yesterday and I want to return it.
Jamilla: oh cous! Somebody has found my I.D. look!
(she let Luhan and D.O. read the message)
D.O.: oh let’s go.. let’s see her or .. his .. or whatever!
Luhan: I think that was a girl!
Jamilla: okay I will reply
(Jamilla texting: thank you! Is it okay if we could meet at the park now??)
Luhan: thanks to that person! Even it was just a school I.D. she really want to return it.. such a kind person!
(receive a text message again)
Text message: Okay!
Jamilla: oh let’s go
Luhan and D.O.: okay!
At the park
D.O.: Jamilla go text her where exactly she is
Jamilla: okay!
(few minutes later)
Jamilla: she said “in front of the ice cream stand”
(they are now going to the ice cream stand)
D.O.: oh wait! Is that Sehun???
Luhan: where??
D.O.: there! In the front of ice cream stand!
Luhan: oh? Is he the one who’s we’re going to meet?
Jamilla: I think no, maybe he’s just there, maybe that girl .. the one who’s buying ice cream ..


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