XOXO High School part 10

D.O.:oh guys, didn’t I tell you before that Xiumin is my neighbor??
Jamilla & Luhan: WHAAAT??
D.O.: yes! he’s living next to this apartment! Oh wait!
(D.O. go outside, he’s hitting the door of Xiumin’s apartment)
D.O.: (keep on hitting the door) hey! Hey!
Xiumin: (open the door) hey! What! (angry)
D.O.: you guys are so loud!
Baekhyun: Xiumin is that D.O. again??
D.O.: yes it’s me! And you are so loud again!
Sehun: Xiumin what is that??
Jamilla: Sehun??
Sehun: oh!
Jamilla: are you guys now okay?
Sehun: ah .. ah.. yes! We’re okay now! I told you not to worry coz we’re going to be okay!
Xiumin: oh is that barbecue?? (trying to change the topic)
D.O.: yes why??
Jamilla: you guys want some??
Baekhyun: are you going to gave us??
Jamilla: sure!
(Luhan get the barbecue)
Luhan: here!
Sehun: ahh ... thank you!
Jamilla: (smile) oh how is your lips??
Sehun: it’s okay now
Baekhyun: here! You want some beer??
Jamilla: beer? You guys drinking?
Luhan: oh my that’s not allowed!
Baekhyun: yes! It’s not allowed .. in school!
Xiumin: and yes! This is my house so .. it is allowed!
Sehun: aaahh .. you want to join us??
D.O.: oh really?? (excited)
Luhan: is it okay with you? (to Xiumin)
Xiumin: of course!(smiling)
Luhan: cous??
Jamilla: okay!
(they are now eating and drinking together)
Baekhyun: Jamilla
Jamilla: yes?
Baekhyun: can i ask something?
Jamilla: okay what is that?
Baekhyun: Suho?
Jamilla: (shocked) Suho??
Baekhyun: how is Suho? I mean did he really stop on courting you?
Jamilla: how did you know about that?
Xiumin: D.O. told us!
(Jamilla and Luhan looked at D.O., D.O. acting that he didn’t hear anything)
Jamilla: YOU! (to D.O.)
Luhan: oh my gosh D.O. even to them, you’re spreading news!
D.O.: it’s so boring here specially when you are living alone, so sometimes i talked to them.
Xiumin: no! Not sometime actually most of the time!
D.O.: Sssshhhh!
Jamilla: grrr .. (to D.O.)
Sehun: sorry for that Jamilla, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about that
Jamilla: no, it’s okay! Yes, Suho try to court me before but something happened
Xiumin: so it’s true that Suho already have his fiancé?
Luhan: oh D.O.! it’s seems like you already told them all the details!
D.O.: actually .. yes! (avoiding to have an eye contact with Jamilla)
Jamilla: ah seriously D.O.! okay it seems like you already know what really happened, yes it’s all true
Xiumin: woh? (to D.O.) i thought you are just making stories when you are telling us that!
D.O.: i told you!
Jamilla: hey D.O.!
D.O.: hehehe ..
Baekhyun: so how is he? (Suho)
Jamilla: actually we didn’t hear anything from them!
Baekhyun; aaah! Okay!
Luhan: but wait guys! Are you really now okay??
Jamilla: yes as i can see it seems like you didn’t have any conflict before
Sehun: uhmmm.. actually i want to say something ..
D.O.: oh my Sehun! Are you really going to tell?
Luhan: huhh?
Jamilla: what is that D.O.??
Sehun: what happened to the park it is ..
Xiumin: oh Sehun! Are you really going to tell them??
Sehun: it’s all planned!
Luhan and Jamilla: WHAAAT??
D.O.: ahhhh! I’m dead!
Sehun: i’m so sorry it’s just tha...
Xiumin: Sehun! I will explain it for you
(Jamilla, she don’t know how she’s going to react, if she will get mad or what)
Xiumin: we did that because he likes you!
Sehun: hey! Xiumin!
Luhan: aaahhhH! My god!
Jamilla: huhh? (blushing)
Sehun: sorry Jamilla, but yes that is true(shy) we did that to get your attention, i’m sorry!
Luhan: all of that is just a show?
Sehun; we’re sorry if we did that!
Luhan: and D.O. knows about this??
Xiumin: yes! Actually all of that is his idea!
Luhan: what??
(Jamilla is not reacting)
Luhan: oh my.. just to get my cousin’s attention, it’s okay with you to get punched??
Baekhyun: see! That’s how sincere our Sehun!
Luhan: wow!
(Jamilla stood up)
Sehun: oh Jamilla!
Luhan: cous!
Sehun: i am really sorry!
(Jamilla get her bag and leave)
Xiumin: oh!
Luhan: cous!
D.O.: wait!
Sehun: Jamilla!
(they all run after Jamilla)
Sehun: Stop guys! Let me okay??
(Jamilla kept on walking, and Sehun keep on following her)
Sehun: Jamilla, Stop! I can explain!
Jamilla: no!
Sehun: wait stop!
Jamilla: NO!
Sehun: Jamilla! PLEASE!
(when Jamilla heard that, she automatically stop)
Sehun: oh thank god you stopped! Look i’m really sorry for that! I will explain it to you .. i told D.O. that it was not a good idea, but he said it’s okay! I also told them that you might get hurt or get mad if we did that but again D.O. said that you’re not!
Jamilla: AAAHHH! (scream) that D.O.!
Sehun: i’m really sorry! It’s okay if you will get mad at me now!
Jamilla: no! I’m not mad! It’s just that .. (crying)
Sehun: oh stop crying!
Jamilla: it’s just that, i feel that i was so stupid that i didn’t realized or even noticed that! (still crying)
Sehun: ahahaha .. (Sehun hugged Jamilla) stop crying
D.O.: aaaah! What is that?
(Luhan, D.O., Xiumin and Baekhyun came)
Xiumin: wooohooo! Sehun!
(Sehun and Jamilla surprised, Jamilla pushed Sehun)
Baekhyun: ahaha! What is that? Are you guys hmmmmm ....
(Jamilla and Sehun feeling awkward)
Jamilla: You D.O.!! (hitting D.O. with her bag) all of this was your idea!!
D.O.: i’m sorry! Aaahhh! Ahaha ..
Jamilla: i hate it! You can say it to me in a normal way why you guys have so much drama!! (to Sehun) you! It’s really okay to do that in your face? And you (to Xiumin and Baekhyun) is it fun running after that security? Oh don’t tell me that security also know about this??
Baekhyun: ahaha .. of course not!
Xiumin: but it’s really fun running away from the security
Luhan: you guys really craszy! And you D.O. you must tell me this! So that i can also help!
Jamilla: COUS! .. aaahhh! I hate you all!
(they all laugh at Jamilla)
Sehun: again i’m sorry!
Jamilla: maybe you get my I.D. intentionally!!
Sehun: actually that’s where it all start
Jamilla: see!
Sehun: no! Listen! I was about to give your I.D. to D.O. but..
D.O.: but i saw at Sehun’s face that he had feelings for you so ..
Xiumin: and that’s it! He told us that idea!
Jamilla: you D.O.! you’re too much! I hate all of you! It’s you all against me!
Luhan: oh cous! Don’t include me! I’m not!
Jamilla: but you also want too!
(Jamilla startb walking)
Luhan: hey cous! Where are you going!
Jamilla: at the apartment! I want to eat my barbecue! (acting that she is mad)
(they all laugh)
Xiumin: (hold Sehun’s shoulder) she looks okay! (smile)
D.O.: i told you! My idea was great!
(they are now walking back to the apartment)
Luhan: i really hate you D.O.! you didn’t make me as an accomplish!
Baekhyun: nice one Sehun!
(they are now eating barbecue)
Xiumin: Jamilla are you okay now??
Jamilla: (still acting that she is mad) hmmmp. Don’t talk to me!
Baekhyun: it seems like we are all friends now!
Luhan: at first we all met in a bad way, but now look at us!
Xiumin: i think it was a good idea if we go out .. on a beach!
D.O.: wow! That’s awesome! I’m excited!
Xiumin: what do you think Sehun??
Sehun: yes that would be exciting!
Xiumin: you Jamilla??
Jamilla: i’m not going to join!
Luhan: ahaha oh c’mon cous!
Jamilla: hmmmpf!
(they all laughing at Jamilla)
In front of D.O. and Xiumin’s apartment
(Xiumin, Baekhyun, Sehun, and D.O. fixing their things at the back of baekhyun’s van)
Xiumin: are you sure guys that all that we need is already here?
Baekhyun: yes! I think!
Sehun: D.O. where is Luhan and Jamilla??
D.O.: i don’t know why they are not here!
Luhan; we’re here!
Baekhyun: faster guys!
Xiumin: oh Jamilla, i thought you’re not coming!
Sehun: hey! Stop bullying her! You’re being a bully again!
Luhan: oh Baekhyun, you didn’t tell us that you have a van!
Baekhyun: no, it’s not mine! I just borrow it from my brother!
Luhan: ah!
Xiumin: i think we’re all ready! So .. let’s go!
D.O. and Luhan: LET’S GO!

(they are now at the beach)
Luhan: wow!
D.O.: Let’s go Luhan!
Xiumin: hey let’s fix our things first!
Jamilla: that two is always like that!
Baekhyun: hey! Wait for me!( going to Luhan and D.O.)
Sehun: hey Baekhyun!
(Jamilla was about to walk)
Sehun: where are you going?
Jamilla; i will go to the rest room
Xiumin: oh are you going to wear your bathing suit now?
Jamilla: ha .. ha .. bathing suit your face!
Xiumin: guys c’mon! Let’s eat first!
(they are now eating)
Luhan: wow it’s delicious! Xiumin you really cook well!
Xiumin: thank you! I was living independent for almost 4 years so i really learned a lot being away from my mom!
D.O.: woooow! That’s impressive!
Luhan: noy like D.O.! he’s always depending on a delivery! Haha!
Sehun: oh wait guys, where is the beer? We forget it on the car??
Xiumin: oh i think!
Sehun: okay i will get it!
(Sehun is now getting the beer at the back of the van, whrn suddenly a car stopped at the back of Sehun, big guys get down from the car and get Sehun!
Sehun: GUYS!! HELP!
Xiumin: (run) Sehun!
Luhan: oh my god!
(they are all running to help Sehun)
Jamilla: Sehun!
(Sehun has been kidnapped)
Xiumin: Baekhyun what we’re going to do!
Jamilla: did you guys fight with somebody else? Who do you think will do this?
Baekhyun: i don’t have any idea!
Xiumin: me too! This is the first time that this happen!
Luhan; oh my gos this is insane!
D.O.: aaaahh! What we’re going to do now!
(Jamilla’s phone ringing)
Jamilla: (she put the phone loud speaker) hello!
Guy on the phone: if you want to see Sehun, you must go here! Jamilla only you! Don’t try to come here with somebody else! Or else Sehun would be over! I will text you the exact address! Again, don’t you dare come here with somebody! (call ended)
Jamilla: hello? Hello?? Oh my god! Who is that? And he knows me!
(text message)
Jamilla: he already text the address, what we’re going to do??
(Jamilla went to the said address) it was an old house ..
Jamilla: Sehun! Sehun! (entering the house)
(she saw Sehun tied on a chair)
Jamilla: (she run to Sehun) oh my god Sehun who did this to you? (Sehun is full of blood, he got beaten) c’mon speak up!
(somebody from the dark speak)

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