XOXO High School part 4

Sehun: wait! (b’coz of his curiosity he stopped Jamilla) okay let’s talk. Guys just wait for me outside (to Xiumin and Baekhyun)
Xiumin: what??
Sehun: Go!
(then Xiumin and Baekhyun was about leave)
Jamilla: you also, the three of you, wait for me outside.(to Kai, D.O. & Luhan)
Luhan: me also cous??
Jamilla: yes cous.
(then the three decided to leave)
D.O.: Jamilla if that bully hurts you we’re just outside okay!
Sehun: (acting to grab D.O.) You!
(D.O. runs fast!)
Sehun: then what is it Ms. Transferee??
Jamilla: about …
Sehun: about what??
Jamilla: about .. what happened yesterday
Sehun: ahahaha.. why? Are you afraid?? Are you going to ask me to stop now? Oh c’mon!
Jamilla: you making me laugh Mr. bully! I’m not afraid of you! It’s just .. that .. I don’t want to get trouble again.
Sehun: see! You’re asking me to stop, coz you are afraid!
Jamilla: no! it’s not like that! It’s just that I don’t want to get involve to any trouble from now on.
Sehun: haha .. first, you acting like a very shy type girl when Prof. Tao introduced you to the class the last day, then after that you are acting such a brave superhero when you confronted me, and now, what are you? A good girl?? Ahaha ..
Jamilla: you don’t understand Mr. Sehun!
(Luhan, Kai, and D.O. .. while waiting outside)
D.O.: Luhan, about what you said earlier, that the reason why you and Jamilla get transferred here at XOXO HIGH, is because Jamilla has been kicked out in your previous school??
Luhan: Yes!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun are listening)
Kai: why??
Luhan: it’s because, she had so many bad records and enemies at that school. She always get troubled, almost everyday.
D.O.: but why? She is a girl, and she’s like that??
Luhan: Jamilla grew up only with her grandma .. her mom and her dad divorced when she was young, her dad now has its own family in the US ad her mom is working here in Seoul for so many years, our grandma is so tired of being called by the school principal because of Jamilla, … I think that was her way of forgetting all of her sorrow and pain.
Kai: so she’s also a bully??
Luhan: yes! i think the reason why she did that to “the bullies” when they are hurting you is because she don’t want to see a person that she used to be. But behind that Jamilla is such a smart student and didn’t forget about her studies.
D.O.: and then??
Luhan: And then, our grandma call her mom to tell that she can’t handle Jamilla anymore. That she is so sick at tired of Jamilla. That’s why her mom decided to get her and bring here to Korea.
Kai: but why are you also here??
(Xiumin and Baekhyun are still listening)
Luhan: it’s because, besides from being her cousin, Jamilla also considered me as her bestfriend. Jamilla ask me to go with her, I can’t leave her so I decided to go with her, ever since that we we’re young I was the only person that Jamilla trust and I think I was the only one who can understand her.
D.O.: ooh… I see but
(D.O. stop talking when the door open)
Xiumin: Oh, Sehun!
Luhan: cous, are you okay??
Jamilla: Let’s go guys .. (acting normal)
D.O.: Jamilla what happened?
Jamilla: (smiling) it’s nothing, don’t worry
Luhan: (to D.O.) it’s okay! I assure you! 
Baekhyun: Sehun! what happened?
Sehun: c’mon lets go!
Xiumin: what did she say?? Why you look so pale?
Sehun: c’mon (Sehun start walking)
(at Jamilla and Luhan’s room ..
Jamilla reading book while Luhan is browsing thru the internet)
Luhan: cous!
Jamilla: yes?
Luhan: what happened when you talked to Sehun??
Jamilla: I just did what I’ve said to you??
Luhan: and it goes well??
Jamilla: yes! I think ( a bit confused)
Luhan: mmmmm…
Luhan: oh my! Cous!
Jamilla: why? What is that?
Luhan: Suho is really a rich guy!
Jamilla: whay? Are you checking on his background?
Luhan: yes! come, take a look
(Jamilla came to Luhan)
Luhan: look! His family owns a lot of business, electronic company, shoe company and a lot more..
Jamilla: wow!
Luhan: cous! Isn’t he’s cute??
Jamilla: mmmm… yah! He is ..
Luhan: yiieee .. you! (teasing Jamilla)
Jamilla: what?
(Jamilla going back to her bed)
Luhan: you like him!
Jamilla: what?? Like??
Luhan: cous c’mon, be honest to me ..
Jamilla: shut up! I don’t like him!
Luhan: okay! .. let us say that you don’t like him … for now! But you had a crush on him??? Hmmm..
Jamilla: (Jamilla can’t hide her feelings and she’s smiling) oh my god! No!
Luhan: oh! I knew it cous! Haha .. don’t hide it, it’s okay!
Jamilla: Shut up cous! (throw a pillow to Luhan)
Luhan: haha .. you’re guilty!
(Jamilla turn her back to Luhan)
Jamilla: whatever!
(Luhan going to the window)
Luhan: Oh! Who is that?? Oh my god! Is that Suho and Lay biking outside??
(Jamilla run fast to Luhan)
Jamilla: where?? Let me see!
(but the truth is there is no one biking outside, Luhan is just teasing Jamilla)
Luhan: ahahahah (laughing so hard) I got you there cous! Hahaha …
Jamilla: YOU! (kicking Luhan) I hate you!
Luhan: ahaha oh my god cous stop! Haha ..
Jamilla: I hate you!
(Jamilla going back to her bed)
Luhan: Suho … Suho .. (calling Jamilla) Suuuuhooo …
Jamilla: QUEIT! I’m going to sleep!
Luhan: hahaha …
Since it’s Sunday, there’s no classes
At the park
(Jamilla and Luhan are siiting on the bench .. while eating ice cream)
Jamilla: where is D.O.? he’s so late! Did you texted him??
Luhan: he said that he’s going to be here in less than 5 minutes
Jamilla: that D.O.! grrr.. super late!
Luhan: well what else can we do?? Just wait
(Luhan look to his right, there are some boys skateboarding)
Luhan: oh.. oh! Is that “the bullies” ??
(Jamilla look at where Luhan is looking)
D.O.: Yes! that was “the bullies”
(D.O. suddenly appear)
Jamilla: you! Why you’re so late!
D.O.: I’m so sorry dear! The good thing is.. I’m already here ..
Jamilla: tsssk!
D.O.: oh where is Kai? He’s still not here?
Luhan: he’s not coming, he texted me earlier, telling that he can’t come with us because of some family matter.
D.O.: ooh .. okay! Hey I also want ice cream! 
Luhan: oh its really “the bullies”
D.O.: yes! that’s their past time! Skateboarding!
Luhan: oh cous! You didn’t tell me what exactly happened when you talked to Sehun. I forgot to ask, because we were talking about Suho (smiling)
D.O.: what? Who? Suho?
Jamilla: oh it’s nothing! (look angry to Luhan)
Luhan: ahahah .. so.. what happened when you talk to Sehun??
D.O.: Yes, what is your purpose of talking to him? And take note! You talked to him “privately”
Jamilla: it’s just … I asked him if .. we could forget of what happened that day. I told him about my situation in my previous school .. and I also told him about the promise that I made to my mom and to myself that I will stay away from any trouble from now on .. and …
Luhan: and????
Jamilla: and I also.. say sorry to him!
Luhan: what?? Is that for real cous?? You say sorry! It’s the first time! Oh my god!
D.O.: Luhan is that true??
Jamilla: yes! I said sorry to him! I told you cous’ I’m going to change, I don’t want to go back of what I used to be before.
Luhan: wow! That was a big improvement cous!
(Jamilla smiled at Luhan)
D.O.: then what that bully (Sehun) said??
Jamilla: actually I was surprised of Sehun, coz after I told him all of that .. he said that “ okay! Then let us forget it”
D.O.: Ooh! As easy as that??
Jamilla: yes! I told you, I was also surprised by his response. I thought I was having a hard time asking that, but .. yes he said that!
D.O.: wow! It seems like Sehun is also changing!
(after that .. no one is talking)
(while they are looking from a far to “the bullies”)
D.O.: or is it possible that .. Sehun .. likes you!
(Luhan and specially Jamilla was shock)
Jamilla: what?? What did you say D.O.??
D.O.: (afraid of Jamilla) Oh! No! what I’m saying is …
Luhan: is??
D.O.: oh! Uhmmm .. forget it! Lets do not talk about of what I’ve said!
Xiumin: oh guys! Look it’s the freaks!
Baekhyun: are you guys following us??
D.O.: follow your face!
(baekhyun wqs about to talk, but ..)
Sehun: c’mon guys! (Sehun leave while riding his skateboard)
Xiumin: oh! Sehun! (follow Sehun)
Baekhyun: what?? (confused of Sehun) YOU!(to D.O.) you are lucky today!
(then Baekhyun follow Sehun and Xiumin)
Xiumin: Sehun! hey! (trying to reach Sehun)
(Sehun stopped)
Xiumin: hey Sehun! what’s wrong?
(baekhyun came)
Baekhyun: hey guys! What happened?
Xiumin: what’s wrong with you Sehun?? you’re acting so weird since yesterday! Since that transferee talked to you!
Baekhyun: yes Sehun! and yet you didn’t tell us what the two of you talked about!
Sehun: okay! Okay! I will tell you now! She asked me if we could stop bugging them and they will do the same.
Baekhyun: who? Is that true??
Sehun: yes! and she also say sorry for what she did to us!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun are so confused)
Baekhyun: but why? What’s the reason??
Xiumin: Baekhyun! Did you remember what his cousin telling to D.O. and Kai yesterday while we are waiting for them.
Baekhyun: oh yes! I remembered it. That she has been kicked out from her school before!
Sehun: yes! she told me that. That’s the reason why he asked me to forgive her, she don’t want to get troubled again. She said that she made a promise to her mom that she would change!
Xiumin: so what did you said to her??
Sehun: I said … okay.
Baekhyun: what? Are you forgetting it so easily??
Sehun: why? She already say sorry! And she said that she only did that because she don’t want to see a bully like what she is before,
Xiumin: Sehun! you? The bully? Are now having a heart??
Sehun: she already say sorry!
Baekhyun: Sehun! don’t tell us you like that girl??
(Sehun stopped because of what he heard)
Xiumin: what? Is that true? You like her??
Sehun: ….. NO! .. let’s stop this! Let us just forget that!
(Sehun ride his skateboard and leave)
Xiumin: hey! Sehun!


Credit : Admin Minjun 

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