XOXO High School part 3

(Sehun pushed Jamilla , that make her fall to the floor)
D.O.: hey! You bastard!
Xiumin: what?? You also what to be like her?? A superhero of a superhero?? Huh??
Suho: wait guys! Wait … what is happening here??
Then everybody stop .. and they look at the person who asked them to stop
D.O.: ooh! It’s Suho!
Baekhyun: Oh look at that! It’s the heartrobs ! ahahaha ..
Xiumin: heartrobs! Ahaha ..
Sehun: Hey Suho! It has nothing to do with you, so.. get lost!
Lay: hey! Hey! Don’t be to boastful Sehun!
Xiumin: (pushed Lay) why? Huhh why?? You want to fight??
Lay: hey! (also pushing Xiumin) Did you pushed me? Huh!
(and they’re going to start a fight)
Prof. Tao: Hey! Students! Stop! Ppprrrtttt.. (Prof. Tao blow his whistle) everybody stop!
(so they all stopped)
Prof. Tao: what is this huh? Sehun and the boys, what is this??
Xiumin: what sir?? You think we are the one who started this??
D.O.: hey! You are really the one who started this!
Kai: Yes sir! That “bullies” started this!
Xiumin: (acting to hit Kai) YOU!!!
Prof. Tao: STOP!! If you don’t stop this, I will make all of your parents be called to the office!
(then everybody stopped)
Prof. Tao: you all stop this okay! Go to your places now and we’re going to start. Go!
(while everybody is going to their places)
Suho: (to Jamilla) uuuhmm.. excuse me, are you okay??
Jamilla: ahh .. ye.. yes! yes! I’m okay .. it’s nothing! (smile)
D.O. & Luhan: yiiiiieeee …
(Jamilla hit Luhan)
Luhan: Ouch! (but still smiling)
Suho: by the way, I’m Suho .. (giving his hand to Jamilla)
Jamilla: (receive the handshake from Suho) hi .. I’m Jamilla ..
Luhan & D.O.: YIIIIEEEEE!!!
(Jamilla gave killer look to D.O. and Luhan)
Suho: You are a newbie??
Jamilla: yes, me and my cousin (pointing to Luhan)
Lay: oh welcome here at XOXO HIGH!
Suho: oh this is Lay. My bestfriend
Lay: hello .. (smiling)
Suho: and this is Chanyeol! My cousin!
Chanyeol: Hi! (smiling)
Jamilla, Luhan, Kai, & D.O.: hello ..
Jamilla: nice to meet you all ..
Ppprrrrtttt… (whistle)
Prof. Tao: everybody! Go to your places!
Suho: well, see you around (smiling)
(then the P.E. class start!)
After the P.E. class
At the room 2-B
Xiumin: Sehun! what is the plan now??
Baekhyun: Yah! That freaks are really getting through to my nerves!
Sehun: wait! Just wait! I am thinking, okay!
(bell ring)
(Jamilla, Luhan, Kai, and D.O. enter the room)
Xiumin: the freaks are here!
(then he receive a killer look from Jamilla)
Xiumin: you think I’m scared?? Haha
(Prof. Chen enter the room)
Prof. Chen: okay class, sit down! And we’re going to start.
(Prof. Chen is their professor in English)
Prof. Chen: we will start our new lesson and it is all about translation. Oh before I forget I would like to welcome our new students, Luhan and Jamilla.
Luhan & Jamilla: thank you Sir!
Prof. Chen: I hope your having a nice time here at XOXO HIGH. Okay, let us proceed, the translation that where going to do is going to be a teamwork! You’re going to have your partner in this activity.
Students: YES!!! (students are happy)
Prof. Chen: don’t be too happy class, coz I am the one who’s going to choose who is going to be your partner. (smile) I already make a list earlier, of the students who’s going to be partners.
Students: Oooohhh.. (sad)
Prof. Chen: okay, I am going to start with our new students.. Luhan you are going to be paired with …. D.O.
Luhan: Oh my .. haha ..
D.O.: thank you Sir! Haha ..
Kai: (to Jamilla) i hope that we are partners!
Jamilla: yah! Me too! (smiling)
Prof. Chen: next is Jamilla, your partner is Xiumin.
Jamilla: oh my god! What?? (shocked)
Luhan & D.O.: What???
(Sehun and Baekhyun are laughing)
Xiumin: what the! … sir! Are you serious?? You’re going to paired me with that new student??
Jamilla: hey! You think I really like to be paired with you? HUH!
Prof. Chen: oh im sorry, I made a mistake. Xiumin .. your partner is Baekhyun.
Jamilla: oh I really thank god for that!!
Prof. Chen: and Jamilla your partner is Sehun.
Jamilla & Sehun: WHAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Xiumin and Baekhyun laughing so hard)
Jamilla: OH MY GOD SIR! Are you serious with that??
Sehun: Sir I’d rather do it alone than to be paired with her!
Jamilla: me too sir! I don’t need a partner if it’s him!
Sehun: YOU! (threatening Jamilla)
Jamilla: what?? (acting brave)
Prof. Chen: Stop! Are you guys okay??? Well.. that was final! You are paired with each other!
Sehun & Jamilla: BUT SIR!
Prof. Chen: okay next is ………….
Jamilla: aaahhh .. I hate this!
Sehun: Damn! (kick the chair in front of him)
Prof. Chen: okay we’re done. You already know who’s your partner, now go sit beside your partners.
(all the students went to their partners.. except)
Prof. Chen: Ms. Jamilla, Mr. Sehun! what are you waiting??
(Since they have no choice Sehun sit next to Jamilla but they are not facing each other)
Prof. Chen: Okay, here is the papers, it was written here the words and the sentences that you’re going to translate. Get one.. and then start.
Jamilla: hey! Are you just going to sit there and not going to help???
Sehun: Pppppfffff…. … you
Jamilla: what??
Sehun: are you good in english??
Jamilla; of course! (confident)
Sehun: Okay! Then do it!
Jamilla: huh? (shocked) .. okay fine!
(Jamilla start answering the paper….
few minutes later….)
Jamilla: are you really not going to help??
Sehun: you said that you’re good at it right?? Then do it!
Jamilla: haha .. this is so unfair! i’m the one who’s doing it and then you’re going to get a grade the same as mine! What the! …. Oh! Wait! Are you really want me to do it alone because you’re angry with me or it’s just … you don’t know much about English?? (teasing Sehun)
(Sehun was shocked)
Sehun: wha.. what??
Jamilla; oh my! Haha you must told me earlier! So that I didn’t forced you to help! Ahaha …
Sehun: what you said? Give it to me! I will answer it!
(but the truth is, Sehun really hates English)
Jamilla: okay! here! Answer all of it!
Sehun; fine! You think I can’t do it? Watch!
(Sehun tries his best to answer the questions)
Sehun: here! It’s done!
Jamilla: AHAHAHAHA… (Jamilla laughed so hard) I knew it! Oh poor little Sehun! you must thank Prof. Chen coz he paired me to you!
(Sehun decided not to talk because he was so ashamed)
Jamilla: (copying Sehun’s voice) sir! Better to do it alone, than to be paired with her! Pppfff… alone?? Hahaha..
Sehun: YOU! Stop! I still don’t forget what you did to me yesterday! (angry)
Jamilla; So??
Sehun: you must be thankful that Prof. Chen is here or else … (threatening Jamilla)
Jamilla: (smirk! Then proceed on checking their paper)
Prof. Chen: is everybody done??
Students: Yes!
Prof. Chen: okay, Pass it!
(bell ring)
Prof. Chen: class you may go.
(students are now leaving the room ..)
Jamilla: SEHUN!
Sehun: what???
Jamilla: can i talk to you??
Sehun: talk?? About what??
Jamilla: about …. about what happened yesterday.
Xiumin; hey sehun! c’mon let’s go!
Baekhyun: yes c’mon! we better go! We have to prepare for our little surprise for the freaks!
Sehun: just wait guys! It seems like Ms. Transferee is going to say sorry to me now!
Xiumin: wooohoho..
Baekhyun: is that true Ms. Transferee???
Jamilla: (ignoring Xiumin and Baekhyun) I just want to talk with you alone.
Baekhyun: wooooohhh..
Xiumin: (teasing Jamilla) are you going to confess your love with our leader?? (holding Sehun’s shoulder)
D.O.: oh my god is that true, Jamilla??
Jamilla: Shut up! LOVE?? What love are you talking about?? If you don’t want to talk then okay!
(Jamilla getting her bag and was about to leave)
Sehun: wait! (b’coz of his curiosity he stopped Jamilla) okay let’s talk. Guys just wait for me outside (to Xiumin and Baekhyun)
Xiumin: what??
Sehun: Go!
(then Xiumin and Baekhyun was about leave)
Jamilla: you also, the three of you, wait for me outside.(to Kai, D.O. & Luhan)
Luhan: me also cous??
Jamilla: yes cous.
(then the three decided to leave)
D.O.: Jamilla if that bully hurts you we’re just outside okay!
Sehun: (acting to grab D.O.) You!
(D.O. runs fast!)
Sehun: then what is it Ms. Transferee??


Credit to : EXO-M Tao for the story 

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