XOXO High School part 9

(they continue walking and they reached the bus stop)
Jamilla: text us when you’re home okay?
Sehun: I told you stop worrying, I’m okay!
Jamilla: then okay! (smiling) let’s go ..
(Jamilla, Luhan and D.O. ride the bus and Sehun continue walking)
Xiumin: SEHUN!
(Xiumin and Baekyhun suddenly appear)
Xiumin: Sehun!
Baekhyun: how is it?
Xiumin: does it work?
Sehun: hey! You hit me so hard!
Xiumin: oh really? Haha ..
Baekhyun: how is she??
Xiumin: did she really believe?
Sehun: yes! she’s really worried and ….
Xiumin: and??
Sehun: I already told her what I really wanted to say!
Baekhyun: nice one Sehun!
Sehun: thanks to you guys
Xiumin: it’s nothing! We told you that we’re going to help right?
Baekhyun: you really like her huh!
Sehun: I don’t know why I’m feeling this way right now but .. yes, I like her!
Baekhyun: wooohoohoo! Our Sehun is now becoming a man!
Xiumin: Sehun. we’re sorry if we get mad at you at first, but now we really understand you .. and me and Baekhyun, okay we will try to stop being a bully
Sehun: really guys??
Baekhyun: yes! we will try ..
Sehun: that’s great! But.. seriously Xiumin you hit me really hard! It’s hurting right now!
Xiumin: ahaha .. it’s okay at least you get a chance to have a moment with Jamilla
Sehun: ahh I really want to go back to school! Aaahhh! This suspension!
Xiumin: it’s because of that Kai! If I see his face ..
Sehun: hey! Hey! You said that you’re going to change!
Baekhyun: you really had a bad temper Xiumin! haha
Xiumin; tsk! Okay! okay!
Sehun: haha .. let’s go guys!
Jamilla and Luhan’s room
Luhan: you know what cous! I was really surprised of Sehun! he really changed!
(Jamilla at her phone)
Luhan: cous! Cous!
Jamilla: oh yes!
Luhan: what can you say about Sehun??
Jamilla: huh? what do you mean??
Luhan: do you think that he really changed??
Jamilla : actually I am not surprised with that .. I already saw that .. I mean his good side, when I talked to him about my situation.
Luhan: oh my god that conversation between the two of you is really mysterious and confusing!
(Jamilla not listening to Luhan and keep on looking at her phone)
Luhan: Cous! Hey cous! Are you listening?
Jamilla: yes! I was listening
Luhan: are you sure??
Jamilla; actually I was worrying about him, he’s still not texting me if he’s home!
Luhan: oh my god cous! You really that worried?? Oh my cous! Don’t tell me you already like him?
Jamilla; oh my cous! You’re over reacting! i’m just worried because I think it’s because of me??
Luhan: huhh?
Jamilla: I think it’s because of me why did his friends are now mad at him
Luhan: you? Why?
Jamilla: Sehun said that after I talked to him, he said the he realized that he also want to change .. so what I am thinking is .. the root of all the things that is happening to them is because of me!
Luhan: are you serious with that cous?
Jamilla: why??
Luhan! Coz I think you are the one who is over reacting!
Jamilla: really?
Luhan!: yes cous! Stop thinking about that! Go to sleep! I’m sure he’s fine, if he’s got beaten again by his friends then go be a nurse for him again!
Jamilla: YOU! I hate you!
Luhan: ahaha .. Sssshhh! I’m sleeping!
Jamilla: (throw a pillow to Luhan) Sleeping!
(then Jamilla receive a text message)
Text message: I’m home, thank you!
Luhan: is that Sehun??
Jamilla: you’re sleeping right??
Luhan: ahaha .. is that him??
Jamilla: yes! he said that he’s home!
Luhan: so I bet you can go to sleep now??
Jamilla: you! Mr. Luhan!
Luhan: ahaha... you are acting like he is your son!
Jamilla: Shut up!
Luhan: okay! goodnight mother!
Jamilla: grrrr…
The next day
Jamilla: cous, we don’t have class today, you want to go out?
Luhan: why you want to go somewhere??
Jamilla: mmmmm .. nothing, but are we going to stay here at home for the whole day??
Luhan: actually that was kinda boring ..
Jamilla: yes! super!
Luhan: oh wait! I will call D.O.
(calling D.O.)
Luhan: hello , D.O.
D.O.: yes?
Luhan: what are you doing??
D.O.: I’m just here at the house and it’s soooo boring!
Luhan: ahaha .. oh my! just the same as here!
D.O.: are you guys going somewhere? Let me join you guys!
Luhan: Actually, that’s why we called you, we’re going to ask you if you’re going somewhere coz we’re going to come with you!
D.O.: ahaha .. oh why don’t you go here in my apartment??
Luhan: Sleepover??
D.O.: yeeees!
Luhan: oh that’s a great idea!
Jamilla: ask him if we could go there now!
Luhan: oh did you hear that??
D.O.: yes! you can go right now! Just don’t forget to bring some food!
Luhan: okay! we’re going to fix our thing right now! Bye!
(they are now outside of D.O.’s apartment)
Luhan: (on the phone) hello D.O., we’re now here at the front of your apartment, at what floor are you??
D.O.: at the rooftop!
Luhan: rooftop? Oh that was great! Okay bye!
(Jamilla and Luhan go upstairs)
Luhan: D.O. we’re here!
Jamilla: wow! This place is great!
D.O.: welcome to my nest!
Jamilla: D.O. I really love this place! It so cool!
D.O.: did you guys bring foods??
Luhan: we brought … barbecue!
D.O.: wow!
Jamilla: go, prepare the grill!
(it’s already dinner and they was about to eat .. when they hear some guys laughing)
Jamilla: oh my! Who’s that they are so loud!
Luhan: what kind of neighbor is that?
D.O.:oh guys, didn’t I tell you before that Xiumin is my neighbor??
Jamilla & Luhan: WHAAAT??
D.O.: yes! he’s living next to this apartment! Oh wait!
(D.O. go outside, he’s hitting the door of Xiumin’s apartment)
D.O.: (keep on hitting the door) hey! Hey!
Xiumin: (open the door) hey! What! (angry)
D.O.: you guys are so loud!
Baekhyun: Xiumin is that D.O. again??
D.O.: yes it’s me! And you are so loud again!
Sehun: Xiumin what is that??
Jamilla: Sehun??
Sehun: oh!


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